It’s mid-January and snow totals are piling up. New England is currently under siege from another massive snowstorm that is dumping heavily on a well-established base, and the PNW, along with Utah, California, and Colorado, are all seeing frequent storms adding healthy doses to theirs. In fact, no matter where you call home, the chances are high that you’ve been enjoying a bit of powder recently yourself–maybe there is even more on the way. So, in honor of all the new snow, this week in Collected we have selected five products guaranteed to give you a smile when used in deep snow. Check them out below and get out there to find your next deep turn, it won’t be long before it arrives.

Nitro Quiver Cannon

PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

We hesitate to admit it, but skiers might be onto something. While our snow-sliding counterparts wear extra centimeters as some sort of merit badge, we, as snowboarders, often seem scared of them. Length should be acknowledged for its benefits. There are certain aspects of snowboarding for which there is no substitute for its properties—namely, speed, float, and stability. Part of Nitro’s Quiver series, designed around the idea that one snowboarder can benefit from multiple boards, the Cannon 173 is big. Its massive swallowtail plays well in the pow with its humongous nose. It can make large pillow stacks feel like casual endeavors and glide-able paths out of flat sections where other boards would bog. But the argument against length has always regarded maneuverability as its counter. This is where the Cannon truly shines. Its 1.73 meters of mass turn shockingly quick and dart between trees with ease. Drop in now and see for yourself.

Union Atlas Bindings

PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

The binding of choice for numerous Union team riders, the Italian made Atlas has become a flagship model in the line. Featuring multiple upgrades this season, including new highly comfortable and durable ankle straps, this binding continues to assert, and improve upon its all-terrain dominance. From the responsive baseplate and uniquely designed asymmetrical highback to its joint-aligning canted footbeds, the Atlas proves yet again to be the perfect combination of drive and flex in a high-performance package.

Vans Infuse Boots

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

The Infuse is a versatile, high-end boot that doesn’t define performance by stiffness alone. Instead, thanks to Vans’ Flex Control System, the level of rigidity is decided by you. Featuring removable Hytrel tongue stiffeners, riders can choose a preferred level of flex right out of the box. But adjustability doesn’t stop there. With the Hybrid Boa Plus System, which incorporates a Custom Slide Guide for a dialed fit anywhere along the instep, combined with the heel-holding V3 UltraCush Liner, the Infuse provides the utmost adjustability in terms of flex and comfort. Capped off with the durable V3 Ultimate Waffle sole, the Infuse is built for all-terrain abuse all season long.

Anon M4 Goggles

Whether you prefer a cylindrical or spherical/toric lens, the all-new M4 has you covered in one sleek package. Thanks to a unique frame design, this goggle accepts either lens, meaning you’re free to change your style without needing to buy a whole new pair. Plus, with an improved iteration of proven Magna-Tech, which now utilizes 18 magnets at nine contact points, the lens feels even more secure than in seasons past, and swapping out lenses was a literal snap, even with gloves on. Not only that, but you are sure to be impressed by the unmatched clarity and wide field of vision provided by the Sonar by Zeiss lenses.

Quiksilver Powder Snowboard Gloves

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

You may have seen these bad boys gracing the hands, and arms, of Austen Sweetin last winter. When it’s waist deep, or perhaps elbow deep, there is absolutely no competition in terms of powder protection. These are as lengthy as it comes. What Quiksilver calls their Freeride Long Fit, a design that features an oversized gauntlet held secure by both a wrist strap and a forearm cuff closure, we were riding in confidence knowing that not a flake of snow was going to find its way upon our wrists. Just be prepared for every person in the lift line to ask where you got them.

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