It’s time to free your feet. The powsurfing movement has exploded in recent years, and for good reason. Riding binding-free allows for a truly pure powder experience rooted in self-expression and the celebration of snowboarding’s roots. Riding a powsurfer forces one to look at the terrain in front of them with fresh eyes, and the increased difficulty of not being strapped in turns even the local sledding hill into a welcome challenge. That’s why this week in Collected we rounded up a wide variety of powsurfers that are perfect for everything from low-incline slopes to Baldface pillow lines. Continue below to find the right board for you, and join the powsurfing movement today.

Burton Family Tree Resonator Powsurf

The Resonator is the resulting product of a partnership between Burton Snowboards and Varial Surf Technology–a revolutionary surfboard company that uses advanced materials and aerospace engineering to create faster, lighter, and stronger surfboards. By adapting Varial’s 3D foam surfboard construction for snow, Burton was able to create a powsurfer like no other on the market. Perfect for anywhere from the local sledding hill and golf course to Baldface steeps, the Resonator excels in a few inches of fresh snow but can hold its own when the totals really add up. Set your feet free this year and find out what the powsurfing movement is all about for yourself. The Resonator isn’t cheap, but revolutionary designs and construction come at a cost.

Äsmo SI 152 Powsurf

Perhaps the most well-known brand in the powsurf market, Äsmo Powsurfers is the brainchild of Wolfgang Nyvelt and Stefan Gruber. Tested and refined in the Austrian Alps since 2006, Äsmo has grown from a passion project to a full-fledged quest to progress the binding-free movement. The SI Series, and in particular the 152, is a great all-around powsurfer for the rider that likes a slightly looser and more progressive ride. From lapping runs in the trees to charging pillow lines in the backcountry, this balanced ride can handle it all with ease.

Grassroots Flying Carpet 3D

Grassroots Powdersurfing founder, Jeremy Jensen, has been pioneering binding-free riding with handcrafted boards since 2007. By drawing inspiration from skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, Jeremy has developed a method of sliding on snow that allows riders a unique form of self-expression that pays tribute to the heart and soul of snowboarding. One of his most popular models, The Flying Carpet 3D, comes in both 140cm and 150cm lengths–as well as three different widths–to accommodate any size rider on any type of terrain. The board excels by utilizing a 3D base design that combines precision control with excellent floatation and a sintered Ptex base for speed, durability, and maximum wax absorption. What’s more, the 3D top sheet is customized to fit any size boot, providing excellent board feel and maximizing leverage from your toe and heel to the full length of the board. The Flying Carpet is fast and floaty with incredible pop for a truly unique ride both in the air and on the ground.

Jones Mountain Surfer

Jones Snowboards partnered with the highly-regarded surf shaper, Chris Christenson, to introduce an all-new design for the 2019 Jones Mountain Surfer. By using new materials and 3D contours that mimic the same hydro-dynamic principles used on surfboards, the all-new Mountain Surfer floats better, maintains more speed, and carves like never before. This was done by adding a spooned nose for additional float, a 3D center hull for improved glide, and 3D stepped edges for increased precision turning. Combine this brand new shape with a tried and true sintered Ptex base and wood core, and you have yourself a board that can handle it all at a price point that won’t break the bank. Make sure to act fast though, these have been going fast and won’t be around forever.

Weston Powsurf

The Weston Powsurf is a return to snowboarding’s roots. Perhaps the most traditional design on this list, the Powsurf from Weston is meant for casual powder turns with friends everywhere from the backyard to the local hill. A grippy EVA pad keeps your feet locked in for the ride and a Ptex base ensures enough speed for a fun run. This is the perfect board for riders looking to get their feet wet in powsurfing without committing to an expensive revolutionary design. Get out there and start surfing next time the snow piles up at home.

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