Celsius Cirrus/Flux Titan

The Titan’s shorter highback and soft leather straps are built for ultimate tweakability. It also has the most available forward lean in the Flux lineup, so this isn’t by any means just a jib binding. Match it up with the rainbro Cirrus Boot and you’ve got yourself a kit.

$205, available with BOA lacing for $240, celsiussnow.com

$190, flux-bindings.com

Celsius Cirrus
[affiliates]|http://www.dogfunk.com/dogfunk/CEL0002/Celsius-Cirrus-Snowboard-Boot-Mens.html/?AID=10590519&PID=3179939| |[/affiliates]

 Flux Titan
[affiliates]http://www.the-house.com/fl1ti06or9zz-flux-snowboard-bindings.html|http://www.dogfunk.com/dogfunk/FLX0020/Flux-Titan-Snowboard-Binding.html/?AID=10590519&PID=3179939| |[/affiliates]