Capita Horrorscope FK

Capita Horrorscope FK, $349Capita Horrorscope FK, $349

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“Awesome board for rail riding a little soft for bigger jumps. Great in pow though.”
“First impression, I thought this board would be just a noodle. But the edges held so well for how soft it was and it made jumping a possibility.”
“Total jib board, pretty fun.”
“This board is really fun on both jumps and rails. It’s got a good medium flex that’s stable on jump landings and easy to press. ”

Capita Horrorscope FK Effective Edge (cm) Waist Width (cm) Weight Range (lbs) Stance Range (in) Stance Location (in) Sidecut (m) Shape Camber
147 cm 111 24.8 n/a –23 Centered 7.6 Twin Alternative
151 cm 114.5 25.2 n/a –24 Centered 7.7 Twin Alternative
155 cm 118 25.5 n/a –25 Centered 7.9 Twin Alternative
151 cm Wide 114.5 25.7 n/a –24 Centered 7.9 Twin Alternative
155 cm Wide 118 26 n/a –25 Centered 8.1 Twin Alternative