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Capita Black Snowboard Of Death

Big, bad, and black. Capita's iconic flagship deck is built to crush anything in its path with rock-steady camber from insert to insert, offering underfoot stability with generously rockered-to-flat tips for a playful and buoyant feel. A custom weave of basalt fiberglass and stabilizers in the contact points supply lightweight, responsive snap and control. With no slippage, this deck features a new, subtle edge extension between the feet for all-condition edge hold deemed DeathGrip.

Price: $550

Category: All-mountain

Sizes: 156, 159, 162, 165

Tester Feedback: "It's funny to name this board '…of death' because it has so much life to it! Snappy, responsive, poppy—it's risen from the grave!"

CAPITA-BLACK-SNOWBOARD-OF-DEATH Snowboard Review Good Wood 2012 2013

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