Canon Elph 2

MSRP $420

Canon's little soul stealer is by far the smallest two-by zoom camera in the world. It measures 3.4 x 2.2 x 1 inches (about the same size and weight as a deck of cards) and runs Advanced Photo System film (APS), which makes handling the film completely foolproof. With APS the size, shape, and number of prints can be chosen before the image is shot. But don't be fooled by how easy this camera is to use–the Elph 2 also appeals to people who know what they're doing. The Elph's custom function settings allow a real-time shutter release that fires the shutter instantaneously, eliminating the shutter lag so common in point-and-shoots, making this camera perfect for capturing “hot snowboard action.” And for those night shots in Aspen, the Elph's “slow synchro mode flash” makes it possible to shoot flash photos without losing the background. Best of all, the camera looks downright bomber. The brushed stainless-steel industrial-strength case makes the Elph 2 look like it should be on display in a museum of modern art rather than in your pocket.