Burton Jeremy Jones

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to mount your board and after several excruciating hours on your knees with the tape measure you finally let out a sigh and accept it—you just can’t have the exact stance you want. Well, Burton’s board and binding Extra Sensory Technology (E.S.T.) featured on the new Jeremy Jones pro model has solved your problem. E.S.T. essentially replaces those pesky, limiting inserts with a single, lightweight ten-inch-long aluminum channel. Compatible E.S.T bindings connect to the board through two contact points located in channels outside the sidewall of the binding chassis. Underfoot you have dampening, energy-absorbing material instead of the usual stiff plastic. What does all this mean? You can basically have limitless stance options, adjust your stance on the fly, and yet still maintain a sweet board flex and sensitive on-snow feel. Apparently these things are important to the King Of Jib, and we imagine they’re probably important to you, too.

Available lengths: 151, 156, 159 cm
Sidecut: 20.75, 21.8, 22.2
Waist width: 24.4, 25.4, 24.7 cm
Effective edge: 114.5, 119.5, 121.5 cm
Price: $530