Brand Spotlight: Roxy Outerwear 2018/2019 Product Preview

Roxy’s kits are dialed across the range from boards to jackets, helmets and more. The Ally Board here blends in with the Frozen Flow Jacket.
Roxy’s Angie Helmet even matches the kit. It’s pictured with the Pop Screen goggles.
The Roxy Frozen Flow Jacket and Deep Creek Pant both feature 15k waterproofing.
The Roxy Down The Line Jacket and matching pant have 20k waterproofing and insulation. On the right are Torah Bright’s signature Roxy Snowflake Jacket and Vitality Bib Pant. Torah also has a line of mitts, goggles, beanies and neck warmers to finish out the kit.
Color combo details on the Roxy Torah Bright Signature Snowflake Jacket and Vitality Bib Pant. The Jacket also comes in a pink and green combo and the bibs are offered in black and green, too.
Many of Roxy’s jackets feature a hand gaiter that can double as a thin mitt.
Roxy’s Hydrosmart Technology protects, calms and cares for your skin in cold and harsh climates and can be found in jacket collars, neck warmers and glove liners.
The Hydrosmart Technology works by enriching the fabrics in these wear areas with micro-capsules of calendula extract, pomegranate oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E and more antioxidants. The capsules burst when exposed to everyday friction in these areas around your face and hands.
A whole wall of Roxy Goggles.
Torah Bright’s Roxy Abyss Mitt.
The Roxy Jetty Mitts and Freshfield Gloves.
The Roxy Jetty Glove, Jetty SE Mitt, and Jetty Mitts.
The Roxy Vermont Glove and Mitt, and Jetty SE and Jetty Solid Glove.
Details on the Roxy Tribe Jacket.
Two of Roxy’s Shelter Jackets.
Roxy’s winter mantra on the Shelter Jacket.
Two premium pieces, the Roxy Glade Printed Gore-Tex 2L Jacket and the Essence Gore-Tex 2L Jacket.
A closer look at the print on the Roxy Essence Gore-Tex 2L Jacket.
Roxy’s Cozy Sound Sweaters are a nice blend of cotton, wool and nylon.
More of the print options in Roxy’s 2019 outerwear line.
Roxy’s Dipsy Hoodies.
Roxy’s Daybreak baselayers.
Roxy’s travel luggage.

Product Preview of Roxy’s 2019 Outerwear Line

Roxy is led by a bold group of gals who are not afraid to push riding or style boundaries. Pro Riders Torah Bright and Robin Van Gyn have a heavy hand in shaping the outerwear and board line and it shows. For 2019 the Roxy's outerwear is focused on more range of motion, built in moisturizing technology and a slew of eco-friendlier manufacturing processes. Roxy's Hydrosmart moisturizing design puts skin healing fabrics where they're needed most, in jacket collars around the neck and chin, inside neck warmers and glove and mitt liners.


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Hydrosmart works by enriching the fabric in these areas with micro-capsules filled with calendula extract, pomegranate oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E and more antioxidants. Under normal wear and friction the capsules burst to deliver these healing goods to your skin. The enhanced range of motion comes from tailored fits and mechanical stretch fabrics that let you ride free. On the eco front, Roxy has implemented a number of processes to lessen their impact. Those actions include Repreve fabrics (which turns plastic bottles into polyester), Primaloft Eco insulation, Spindye waterless fabric dye, and Gore-Tex and Roxy PFC free water repellant treatment. Take a look at the styles in store for next season.

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