Brand Spotlight: Roxy 2018 Snowboarding Product Preview

A few key Roxy pieces from right to left: Essence 2L Gore-Tex Jacket, Snowstorm Jacket and Nola Beanie, Torah Bright Stormfall Jacket and Torah Bright Rise Up Pant, Torah Bright Jetty Block Jacket and Winter Beanie. See more in our exclusive preview gallery here.
A closer look at the Roxy Essence Gore-Tex Jacket with the Feelin’ Goggle and Torah Bright 2N1 Collar.
Roxy’s Essence 2L Gore-Tex Jacket is their flagship piece. You’ll see rippers like Robyn Van Gyn and Torah Bright rocking it. A cool feature of the Essence is the included Biotherm Neckwarmer.
The Roxy Essence Jacket features storm-ready Gore-Tex shell with focused areas that have a 50/50 blend of down feathers and Primaloft insulation.
Roxy and Biotherm teamed up to deliver more skin friendly products for the coming season. The specialty fabric can be found on a number of jacket tops, facemasks, gloves, neckwarmers and more.
The soft and skin nurturing Roxy x Biotherm engineered fleecy fabric shown in the Winter Collar and Victoria Mitt.
Additional Roxy x Biotherm Neckwarmers come with a number of more technical jackets that don’t feature the fabric on the inside chin/neck area.
A look at some of Roxy’s key gloves from left to right: Merry Go Round Gloves and two styles of the Jetty Gloves.
More key Roxy jackets from left to right: Torah Bright Jetty Block Jacket and Winter Beanie, Grove Jacket and Tram Beanie, and Tribe Jacket with Torah Bright 2N1 Collar.
Pocket details on the Roxy Grove Jacket.
Mitts on mitts! From left to right: Roxy Jetty SE Mitt and all three color ways of the Jetty Mitt.
Loads of chunky yarn beanies with the Tonic Beanie up front.
A look at some of the Roxy x Biotherm neckwarmers from left to right: Snow Street Collar, Hailey Collar and Winter Collar.
For 2017/2018 over 30% of Roxy’s outerwear line is made with Repreve recycled fabrics.
A look at the snowy pattern on the Roxy Wilder 2L Gore-Tex Printed Jacket and Wildlife Jacket to the right.
The Roxy Shelter Pullover Jacket has a nice tailored fit, 100 grams of insulation and it’s made with Repreve fabrics.
Leaf details on the Roxy Shelter Jacket.
The Roxy Tribe Jacket has a long tailored fit, 100 grams of insulation and 15k waterproofing.
Patch details on the Roxy Tribe jacket.
The Roxy Tribe Jacket has a nice layer of Sherpa fleece material for warmth.
A cool new feature on many of the Roxy jackets is hand gaiters that fold over and double as thin mitts.
Two of Torah Bright’s signature Roxy jackets, the Jetty Block Jacket and Stormfall Jacket.
The subtle print details on the Roxy Torah Bright Stormfall Jacket.
Logo details on Roxy’s Torah Bright Jetty Block Jacket.
The quilted insulation and print details on Torah Bright’s signature Roxy Jetty Block Jacket.
Two primo pants, the Roxy Torah Bright Rise Up Pant and Non Stop Bibs.
High hip hugger details of the Roxy Torah Bright Rise Up Pants.

Words/Photos: Ben Gavelda

In true Roxy trend, the brand blurs the lines of mountain performance, comfort and fashion for 2017/2018. The new outerwear line features a wide range of prints, solid colors, slim and baggy fits to fit any style. The brand made a massive step forward by producing over 30% of the line with Repreve recycled fabric, the equivalent of re-using 11 million plastic bottles. Another big move and industry first for Roxy is the partnership with Biotherm to produce skin-enhancing fabrics in many jackets, neckwarmers and gloves. See more of what Roxy has in store in the gallery above and video below.



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