Brand Spotlight: Rome Snowboards 2018 Product Preview

For 2017-18 Rome has added newly designed boards, boots and bindings to their stacked snowboard product offering. Here are three new boards from Rome; the National, Marshall and Blackjack. Click through for more details, images and info on their 2018 line.
The base of the National, Marshal and Blackjack.
The National is a Rome’s new kill-it-all design powered by their take on modern positive camber with a directional twin shape, 7/10 flex and high-end materials. It has a long running length of positive camber with a touch of rocker in the tips. This Fusion Camber as Rome calls it is an evolution of the timeless power of camber, combined with targeted areas of rocker for smooth edge transitions and powder float. Look closely and you can see the AirPop wood core, Rome’s lightest and most responsive.
This breach in the topsheet surface is a TurboRod—a carbon fiber barrel placed from the inserts towards the tip to maximize pop and maintain stability without sacrificing torsional flex.
The Marshal is a new directional twin with a medium-stiff flex in a flat camber profile. The board was designed to crush all things freestyle, all-mountain. Seen below is a TurboRod, Rome’s patented carbon straw in the tip and tail that amplifies pop and power.
A look at Rome’s new SinterStrong sidewalls, made with a stronger, yet more elastic material, they aim to increase durability and stand up to impacts.
The Blackjack is a new true twin with a stiffer flex and flat camber profile. This board is fully capable of putting down pressing and ripping ruts.
The Backjack features a bamboo barrel from the tips to inserts for improved pop.
Four new pro model boards: Bjorn Leines’ National, Stale Sandbech’s Mod, Alek Ostreng’s Agent and Len Jorgensen’s Gang Plank.
A closer look at the wizardry happening on Alek’s pro model Agent 155.
A closer look at Stale’s pro model RK1 Mod 156 board.
Bjorn’s Pro Model National has all the bells and whistles of the normal deck, but features Carbon Reverse Radial V barrels in the tips for even more pop and precision.
Len Jorgensen’s Gang Plank 155 pro model.
Rome re-designed their popular Libertine boot for 2017-2018, offering the new Libertine SRT model. For those hooked on the classic Libertine, don’t worry, it’s still in the line.
SRT stands for Support, Response and Traction—the three ideals of the boot. Some of that support and response comes from the Boa controlled HeelLock harness that reduces heel lift and the PowerStay Strap up top to keep your calf and shin snug.
The Vibram GripLight Outsole with EcoStep is both featherweight and tough. The multilayer sole is highly responsive and damp to cushion bumps and chatter like suspension, and it’s made from a minimum of 30% recycled content.
The fully molded rubber backstay of the Libertine SRT keeps it responsive and durable.
Two new bindings from Rome, the ladies’ Guild (on the right) and men’s Vice (on the left). Both share some tech from Rome’s high-end Katana binding.
The V-Rod baseplate is lathered in foam to offer a clean connection with your board, smoothing out chatter and offering a consistent flex.
The Contour Boss 2.0 ankle strap molds to any boot in any temperature so you get maximum control and comfort.
This simple aluminum piece, the PivotMount, offers multiple strap locations to adjust your personal fit, feel and response.
The women’s Guild binding, built on the popular Katana model. The Guild comes with a women’s-specific asymmetrical highback, cushy straps and a responsive baseplate.
The Guild features PivotMount strap adjustments on the ankle strap to fine-tune the fit and feel, from mobility to tweak to tight for railing turns.
The Guild has a wide footprint and thick layer of foam for dampening and shock absorption.
A trifecta of ladies decks: The Rome Lofi, Winterland and Lofi Rocker.
The bases of the Rome Lofi, Winterland and Lofi Rocker.
The classic, cambered Lofi has a bamboo barrel in the tip and tail for more pop and control.
The Winterland is Rome’s leading women’s all-mountain board. Built with high-end ingredients—like Carbon Single Barrel TurboRods and a SuperPop Core—make it light, powerful and responsive. With a directional shape, stiffer flex and setback camber profile it can rail turns on groomers and maintain float in pow.

Words/Photos: Ben Gavelda

For 2017-18 Rome has added newly designed boards, boots and bindings to their stacked snowboard product offering. They're bringing some heavy hitting all-mountain boards, one with a modern take on positive camber. For boots and bindings, their focus is on increasing comfort and customization. On the board front, meet two new all-mountain freestyle boards, The National and Marshal, along with the ride-it-all Blackjack and ladies' Kashmir crusher, too. Regarding boots, they've created a fully redesigned Libertine SRT, with a lace-less liner, backed by a Boa, traditional lace and power strap outer shell. In the binding world, they've trickled down some tech from the keystone Katana into some other bindings, including PivotMount strap bracket to better adjust your straps to your boots and riding style. Rome's ethos has always been buried in snow. With a passionate team of riders and employees that rip, these designs come tested and backed for next season.


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