Brand Spotlight: Dragon Alliance 2018/2019 Product Preview

A whole wall of goggle options.
With its Panotech Lens Shape, Dragon’s new PXV goggle delivers some of the highest peripheral visibility on the market.
Check out the full wrap shape and the armored vents on Dragon’s new PXV goggle.
Dragon’s PXV goggle still fits with helmets, has a rubberized strap for grip, and a comfortable fit with the frameless design.
Dragon’s Bryan Iguchi X2 pro model goggle features some hand-drawn, Teton-inspired graphics on the strap.
Forest Bailey’s signature Dragon NFX2 goggle has his original artwork on the strap.
Details of how simple and easy the lens changing works on Forest Bailey’s signature Dragon NFX2 goggle.
Dragon gave Blake Paul his first signature NFX2 goggle. Blake had his sister create the graphic for his strap.
A signature piece with a signature.
Dragon’s Gigi Ruf signature X2s goggle.
Gigi has a Dragon inspired strap design on his new X2s pro model goggle.
Man of peace Danny Davis put some Peace Park inspired graphics on his Dragon signature NFX2 goggle.
Lumalens is a color optimized lens technology that increases contrast, enhances depth perception and color recognition, and reduces eye fatigue. Dragon offers Lumalens technology in every lens tint.
The next evolution of Lumalens is the Photochromic version (seen here on the Dragon NFX2), which automatically adjusts to changing light conditions. Say it’s a stormy pow day and you want to see you use a yellow lens. When the weather breaks and it’s sunny the Lumalens Photochromic will automatically adjust to a dark lens so you don’t sear your eyeballs.
Here’s an inside view of Dragon’s Lumalens Photochromic light rose lens on a NFX2 goggle after the lens was exposed to UV light.
A dramatic change in the light transmission when UV light hits Dragon’s Lumalens Photochromic lenses.
A whole row of Dragon NFX2 goggles
In the sunglass department, Dragon came up with glasses that float!

Dragon Alliance 2019 Goggle Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

This new collection marks Dragon's 25th year of optics. With humble beginnings in a Southern California garage and passion towards snowboarding, surfing and riding dirt bikes, Dragon has created goggles and sunglasses to match these pursuits since day one. Their heritage runs deep in snowboarding and for 2019 they've pushed the limit of lens and goggle technology once more. Their new PXV goggle offers unmatched peripheral visibility to eliminate blind spots and deliver a better field of view.


See the live 2019 video preview here:

Their Lumalens technology is now found in every lens tint and proves to increase contrast, enhance depth perception and color recognition, and reduce eye fatigue. Further, their new Lumalens Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions so you never have to swap out dark and light lenses again. With an array of models to fit all faces and a stack of signature team designs, welcome to 25 years of Dragon.

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