DC Snow 2018/2019 Product Preview

Words & Photos: Ben Gavelda

DC does it right. Their heavy-hitting team and focused design pumps out some of the best snowboard gear on the planet. From award-winning boards designed in California and crafted in Austria's Mothership factory to leading materials like SympaTex 45k waterproofing fabric found in their outerwear, DC has it all.

Watch the full video preview here:

The brand's boots have become synonymous with premium fit and performance. For 2019 DC generated the House of Powder, 156 and women's Forever boards. Their new Tucknee boot pushes the boundary of the traditional boot concept with a better flexing asymmetric design. Travis Rice's signature boot continues to push the function and performance boundaries with venting, snow-sealing and fit details. The Command Jacket, Rampart Anorak Jacket, Cloak Fleece and Command Insulator Jacket represent a new collection of snowboard wear created around packability. Dive into some of the highlights of the 2019 collection here.

See the HR THOP collab board in action during DC Transitors Episode 2: Japanuary

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