BOTM: Ride Machete GT

TransWorld SNOWboarding Board Of The Month Ride Machete GT Snowboard Photo Chris Wellhausen

Ride Machete GT PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Board Of The Month

Ride Machete GT

A revamped version of the popular Machete, this twin-tip deck is no ordinary blade. Cutting straight to it are the Cleave Edges, 50-percent thicker edges that are less prone to cracking and can be detuned more than a regular edge to avoid catching on jibs. The board's border is packed with new Pop Walls tech—sidewalls from the inner inserts toward the tips layered with bump-absorbing urethane and pop-packed carbon strands. Carbon fiber continues in a crisscross of stringers around the mounting zones and toward the edges for precise edge hold, power, and pop. The smooth ride of urethane (think skate wheels) continues in the topsheet, too. It's blended into the fiberglass fabric to smooth out the ride. Finished with a slick base and snappy wood core, this sharp stick will slice up a jungle of terrain.


Available Lengths: 151, 154, 155W, 157, 158W, 160, 161W

Shape: Twin

Camber: Regular between the feet with rockered tips

Ideal Terrain: All mountain freestyle

Price: $550

About The Artist

This is Russ Cosgrove's first board graphic, though you've likely seen his other designs on numerous DaKine pieces, Homeschool outerwear, and now Ride, where he serves as the company's art director.

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