No longer just on the slopes, Boeri Sport USA now offers year round protection with the introduction of the MOJO, the outdoor industry’s first helmet that is at home on your head on LAND or SEA. Constructed with a host of materials that allows the helmet to be used for both water and dry-land sports, multi-sport athletes can now choose one helmet for virtually all their protective needs, ranging from whitewater paddle sports and boardsailing, to agro/in-skate, and mountain boarding.

“Boeri has you covered wherever you’re at,” said Marc Hauser, president of Boeri Sport USA / MPH Associates Inc. “MOJO’s versatility and style means you no longer have to carry multiple helmets for your summer weekend adventures.”

Offering low profile styling, off-the-shelf fit, and superior impact management, Boeri’s new MOJO helmet features:

o A polycarbonate shell that is lined with a closed-cell foam fit system (to keep water saturation out) laminated over an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner for impact management. o A 3-point adjustable chinstrap keeps your lid in place. o Available in four colors: Rasta (shown), Steel Blue, Morph, and Black.

Currently available in Outdoor Specialty Shops, MOJO’s suggested retail price is $60 to $70. For more information or a dealer near you, please visit the Boeri Sport USA Web site at

Boeri Sport USA is a division of MPH Associates Inc., the sole U.S. distributor of Boeri Helmets. Manufactured just outside of Milan, Italy, the Boeri brand is known for producing protective headgear for more than 37 years, and is dedicated to quality and innovation.