Photos: Nick Hamilton & Taylor Boyd

Everyone has their own pre-race rituals and superstitions for the Legendary Banked Slalom. Some riders come ultra prepared with their boards expertly tuned with beveled edges and tripled-waxed bases. Others take more lackadaisical approaches and mount up whatever deck they have at their disposal.

This year at the 31st annual event at Mt. Baker, we caught up with a slew of racers, from super pros, to office guys, and industry leaders, and got the scoop on their setups. From massive forward lean, to narrow stances, shorter decks and beyond, we found a broad range of setups at the LBS.

This gallery is an eclectic mix from riders including Robin Van Gyn and Elias Elhardt, to industry workhorses including, Ride's Tanner McCarty, Gnu's Barrett Christy, and even DCP and his kids. Give it a scroll.

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