Board of the Month

Rome Crossrocket

TransWorld SNOWboarding's Board of the Month, the Rome Crossrocket

Rome Crossrocket 156. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

By: Ben Gavelda

Arms crossed, grabbing nose, back leg boned—that's a proper cross rocket. It's one tech grab, and so is this new board from Rome. It debuts their 3D camber profiling, a large diamond shaped area of positive camber throughout most of the board with slightly concaved, elongated areas around the tips. What does this create? A surfy, buttery ride at the ends with a powerful and precise camber backbone. The spine is further bolstered with a round carbon rod running lengthwise, just shy of the tips, for premium pop and control. The multilayered wood core has three zones of lightweight woods, placed to maximize flex and feel throughout. Add in basalt impact plates under the mounting zones, where loads of energy is exerted when riding, and you have a rock-solid ride. All of this tech will help you rip, but it won't guarantee Gumby-like grabs. You'll have to work for those.

Available Lengths: 152, 154, 156, 158

Shape: Centered twin

Camber: Camber with a twist

Ideal Terrain: All-mountain freestyle

Price: $470


About The Graphic

New York graphic artist Jon Contino drew the four icons and hand-set type on this deck. Each theme (banner, hourglass, tattooed arms, and coffin) is laced with shred-minded wording and aesthetic.