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Lobster Freestyle Baord

2013 Lobster Freestyle Baord, 2013 Lobster Freestyle Snowboard

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Let's get all the tech on this baord (yes, baord, not board) out of the way so we can move on to what you really want to know. It's a medium-flexing twin stick with a Core core (poplar wood with hardwood stringers for added pop and strength), lightning edges (thinner for better board feel and flex), sintered base (hard and fast), triaxial fiberglass (a precise, three-way weave), and a Twin Triple Base Technologyshape (wide, flat center base and concave tips for stability and forgiveness all in one). Now that we got that over with, wouldn't you like to know more about brothers Eiki and Halldor Helgason, the masterminds and riders behind this project? They're Icelandic, they eat lobster, build boards how they want, make party, and ride wild style. Can't you tell?

 Available Lengths: 152, 154, 156W, 157

Shape: Twin TBT

Camber: Regular-ish

Ideal Terrain: "Anything freestyle"

Price: $449



Halldór at X-Games Big Air…

About The Artist

Michiel Walrave

Punk poster boy Michiel Walrave drew up these disgusting graphics. It was a collaborative design from the crew that started with "a fat girl, to a fat girl puking, to a fat girl puking on a motorcycle while doing a wheelie," according to Halldor. Hide this one from your mom.

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