Board Of The Month: K2 Happy Hour

2012 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard. TransWorld Snowboarding Board Of The Month

Board Of The Month: K2 Happy Hour

It’s time. Step to this deck’s Ollie Bar ( pre-curved carbon bar between the bindings) and you’ll get a shot of potent pop, chased with a side of smooth, snappy carbon stringers in the tip and tail to bust through chatter. It’s served in a flat camber profile for float, forgiveness, and control all in one. The thin, tapered construction and slices of honeycomb material in the core make it lightweight, but hearty enough for heavy laps and lines. And the pinty shape–it’s easy grabs and adds flavor.

About The Graphic

The décor of this deck came form scribbles done by K2 team riders Aaron Robinson (RIP), Danny Larsen, Jordan Mendenhall, Nick Dirks, and Tim Eddy. Danny’s art took center stage and you can see more of his crazed creations at

Available Lengths: 151, 154, 157, 159, 161

Shape: Twin

Camber: Flat

Ideal Terrain: Park

Price: $460