Board Of The Month: Yes Trouble

Board Of The Month

YES. Trouble

Lengths: 154, 158
Shape: Twin
Camber: Cambered middle, rockered tips
Ideal Terrain: Everywhere
Price: $499


Words by Ben Gavelda
Photos by Ben Birk 

How many snowboarders have booming music careers? How many musicians have professional snowboard careers? Old pro Shawn Farmer and Adam Yauch (RIP) of The Beastie Boys blurred the lines for kicks. But then there's Trevor Andrew, aka TRZA or Trouble. An ex-global pro who's style-driven riding, like his signature Japan McTwists and air-to-fakies, fully elevated the game as much as his doo-rags and studio headphones did for shred fashion. While Trevor is deep in the NYC music scene running his own label, Trouble Gang Records, and pumping out tracks, he still manages to smash some shred laps as an ambassador for numerous brands. His signature YES. snowboards deck--a true-twin with blunted tips, camber/rocker hybrid profile with a disrupted sidecut for added grip, and a new lighter wood core sandwiched in snappy triaxial fiberglass--is made to fly high.

About the Graphic/Artist

New York City graffiti artist Sabio created this graphic and has also collaborated with Trouble on a video for the track "Adorable." A NYC resident for the last fifteen years and of Brazilian descent, Sabio has an aesthetic that draws on pixação, a graffiti style native to Brazil known for its simple, angular lines. Follow him and his crew at