The 2014 Whitegold Flyer. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Lengths: 153, 156, 158W, 159
Shape: Twin-ish with spooned tips
Camber: Traditional with a tweak
Ideal Terrain: Everything from park to pow
Price: $669

It has to be one of the oldest, purest dreams: to fly. Gazing up at birds and bugs that do it so effortlessly and weightlessly makes one wonder. Lofting off a lip or cliff on a snowboard offers a little taste of what it's like, yet it's also a brutal reminder of gravity's power. This new high-end deck from Whitegold was designed for all types of flight and all forms of snow transport with a slight slant towards pow. Whitegold is a new project under the wing of OG shredder Kevin Sansalone, and he designed this board to cater to all terrain and all ability levels. The profile is traditional camber, with slightly concaved Triple Base Technology uplift around the contact points for a bit of forgiveness. It has a stable medium width and the centered stance and twin shape have a twist—the nose is one centimeter longer for float and there's a setback set of inserts to mount up for deep days. The multi-density wood core is milled to give a softer flex outside the bindings and it's bolstered with carbon Vs for torsional rigidity and thruster-like snap. Said, done, and sandwiched together, it's just waiting on a copilot.

About the Graphic

"I worked with Danny Kiebert from Low Pressure Studios on the graphic," says Sansalone. "It's screened with a special process called PLT that leaves a perfect finish with zero fiberglass registration. It's simple and stealth, but it's the little details that make it really special. Behind the back inserts there is a silhouette of one of the old original Mount Seymour chairs. Mount Seymour is a special place, it's where I grew up and where it all began for me."