Board Of The Month: K2 Subculture

Board of the Month

K2 Subculture

Lengths: 153, 156, 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 164, 166W
Shape: Twin
Camber: Cambered tips, flat middle section
Ideal Terrain: Everywhere
Price: $430


Words by Ben Gavelda
Photos by Chris Wellhausen 

Do you remember when snowboarding was a grungy little subculture? A time before graphics of shredding polar bears adorned gas station ice machines, pro model gum sat on the shelves, boarders boarded in beer commercials, and aerial insanity pumped on primetime TV? We remember the grime times, but hey, the '80s and '90s had mainstream moments, too. For those looking to fly under the radar, the new K2 Subculture is your stealth sled. It's simple, affordable, and it rips. Basic black graphics with retro flair in a nice stable twin shape and a slightly setback stance. It has a new take on traditional camber, with the bend near the tips and a flat profile throughout, giving it predictable pop, edge grip at the tips, and a bit of forgiveness between the feet. Carbon fiber stringers brace the tips for amplified ollies and the thin construction reduces swing weight for spins and overall control. With this board as your blank vessel your riding can do the talking, plain and simple.

About The Graphic

Seattle dweller Mike Dawson, not the British/Scottish comic artist Mike Dawson, did the graphics on this deck. They're basic, black and have a nod back to K2's neon days with a loud base.