The 2014 Gentemstick Flyfisk. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Length: 164
Shape: Tapered
Camber: Acceleration Camber
Ideal Terrain: Pow
Price: $1,280

The Flyfisk, which translates to Flyfish (fisk is Norwegian and Swedish for fish), is a new model collaboratively developed by legendary Gentemstick founder and shaper Taro Tamai and Norwegian pro Mads Jonsson. "The first pro model for the longest flight record holder," according to the Gentem crew, takes shape from their Big Fish model, offering ample float and explosive pow turns from it's wide and tapered shape, but a tad stiffer for a more thrustful ride. It has an S-Shaped setback camber where the where the peak of the arch is located closer to the back foot position, allowing easier maneuverability and preventing nosedives in deep conditions. "I have ridden this thing on everything from icy hips in Hemsedal in mid-winter, to the deepest pow Japan has to offer and through epic Canadian terrain," Mads Jonsson affirms. "I also got to ride it in Norway doing big mountain lines." The board's poplar core and bamboo finish delivers a dynamic flex with a subtle diamond-shaped tail that stands up to big mountain stomps. Laced with a high-end, sintered, black base, it's slippery-swift and strong with high wax retention properties. Derived from a blend of surf and snowboard hydrodynamics and skillfully handcrafted, it's a board, a piece of art, and a tangible, capable, creative conception in sliding sideways.

This first batch is limited to 50 worldwide, find out where you can get one at

About the Graphic

Simple. Pure. Natural. Gentem-style. The board's inherent beauty adheres to surf-driven simplicity of design, letting shape define aesthetic. A yellow brick road that all started when Terje introduced Mads to Ripzinger and the Gentem crew in Niseko. "A path to riding with one of the truest snowboard crews out there!" Mads claims.