Board Of The Month: Burton Moonshine 

2013/2014 Burton Moonshine snowboard. PHOTO: Chris Welhausen

Lengths: 154, 158
Shape: Twin, mid-wide
Camber: Flying V
Ideal Terrain: Park to Pow
Price: $500

It's a rare batch, a one-off from Burton's Homebrewed Backyard Project. Instead of being brewed in the smoky hills of Appalachia, this board came from a fermentation process in Vermont, with ingredients from BC and the UK. See, Burton backcountry pro Mark Sollors worked on the ride, giving it a stable, mid-wide, twin shape with a floater of Burton's V-Rocker camber profile and a twin flex, making it a capable sled from park to pow. The core is milled around the bindings to enhance the flex and pop, and the extended surface area in the tips add edge stability along with planing power in soft snow. The UK influence comes from Simon Riviere, who drew up the graphics and is featured below. The mash of all these elements were then finely distilled at Burton's Craig Kelly design lab in Vermont by board builder John "Thunder" Laramee, whose hands have put together some 20,000 boards over the years. Between this deck and the Speakeasy, another limited brew by Danny Davis, there are only 600 made. Scope for more board beta on finding one.

About the Graphic

With the help of Blank You Very Much ( Burton cast a call to outside artists, letting Mark pick his favorite design for the board. English artist Simon Riviere's graphics ended up catching Sollors' eye. Check out more of his creations at