Better Neck Gaiters

Time to step up your face game, kid. The SmartWool Neck Gaiter is made of 100-percent Merino wool. It’s thicker, more comfortable, and warmer than a bandanna, and it wicks away a lot more moisture. If it does get a little wet, you can just spin it around or turn it inside out, and bam!—it’s fresh all over again. Same goes for pieces like the Turtle Tube. Turtle Fur’s Merino gaiter is thinner and longer than the SmartWool option, and fits a bit looser, but you can fold it in half and double up on warmth. Both are recommended for slightly colder days, and either one would be a serious upgrade to your quiver of facial coverings.

SmartWool Neck Gaiter, $20
Turtle Fur Turtle Tube, $25