Flex, lacing systems, and footbed construction all play into what makes a badass boot that will hold up when you’re throwing down. From wooden features at Carinthia Parks to Breckenridge jump lines and the Aspen Superpipe, we spent last season cranking through a grip of this year’s freestyle boots before deciding on our five favorites.


DC Mora – $260
Testers were hyped on this right out of the box because the plush and cozy liner felt like "walking on a cloud," as one put it. The inner lacing snugged tight with a single motion cinch, and the Velcro strap at the top of the liner provided added security. The dual Boa closure system is conducive to quick adjustments at the top of the park and was a hit with testers.


Salomon Kiana – $260
The Kiana's medium flex was welcomed by testers who enjoy getting after it in the park but also like to let loose in the backcountry. The dual pulley ZoneLock lacing was supportive and respectively secured the lower and upper portions of the boot well. Testers found the liner's cat tongue-like material lapped up heels and locked 'em in place, while the Sure Lock liner lacing system did exactly what its name implies and the boot's outsole felt sturdy while providing ample cushioning.

Vans Hi-Standard – $180
The sleek design of the tried-and-true Hi-Standard wooed our testers with its skate shoe-like comfort. Testers were surprised at the overall responsiveness and liked how the boot held up when stepping to big features at Carinthia Parks. Diamond-shaped eyelets kept the regular lacing system secure and allowed for quick adjustments. The Hi-Standard has been in the Vans line for over 15 years, proving the timeless relevance of simple design.

K2 Sapera – $270
A redesign in the K2 line, the Sapera's Intuition liner quickly molded to testers' feet, and its contoured footbed, in combination with an efficient inner lacing harness that stayed snug with one pull, kept heels in place. A side latching system could be locked down as tight or loose as testers liked and was easily adjusted throughout the day based on terrain.


Rome Memphis Boa – $270
Testers found the lightweight and responsive Memphis to be perfect for party laps in Aspen and supportive when landing airs at Squaw Valley. The dual Boa fastening allowed bisectional customization for all testers' preferred tightness. Heat-moldable liners were crazy cozy and cradled feet. The expanded toe zone was perfect for wide-footers, and testers who don't mind a little extra bulk underfoot enjoyed the chatter-absorbing characteristics of the sole.

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