Forrest Shearer rocking Jaybird wireless buds in Chile. Photo: Andrew Miller

Forrest Shearer rocking Jaybird wireless buds in Chile. Photo: Andrew Miller

If you haven't yet heard, Apple announced that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won't have 3.5mm audio ports. The seventh generation will operate entirely off a lightning port. When Apple announced the release of the new phones this morning, our minds instantly drifted to snowboarding–but that happens with most topics. Although the new phone will likely come with a lightning-3.5mm adaptor, we started thinking wireless.

Bluetooth wireless will soon take over the slopes, and for good reason. Wires can get in the way while riding and buds can pop out mid-run, instantly killing your vibe. So we compiled a list of three of our favorite Bluetooth earbuds for days on the hill. Some earbuds are too bulky to fit comfortably under helmets and beanies while riding, but these are slim enough to rock under lids without cramping the ears and they transmit audio better than most so they won't cramp your style.

Jaybird Freedom sport earbuds

Jaybird Freedom – $199.95
Freedom wireless buds are the most slim and fit better under a helmet or beanie than the others. Even better than their predecessor, the Jaybird X2. Jaybird earbuds come with three different sizes of ear fins, foam ear tips, and silicone ear tips, offering the most customizable fit on the market. Anyone who struggles to find earbuds that actually stay put when head banging down the hill can benefit from this feature. The Freedom also pairs with the MySound app, which allows users to customize and save EQ settings with just the right balance of bass and treble depending on the playlist chosen for the day. Eight hours of playtime: Four hours of standard playback but the included Charging Clip adds four more hours and is so lightweight you can ride while it charges. Low-battery light blinks to let you know when it's finally time to plug in.


yurbuds Liberty behind-the-ear wireless

Yurbuds Leap and Liberty – $99.99
The Liberty behind-the-ear model (pictured here) and Leap in-ear model from Yurbuds use JBL audio, so you can count on top-performance sound quality, and the buds are made from a "sweat-proof" silicone that flexes to fit perfectly in your ears, so they won't slip out when you blast through the white room and come out the other side with a face full of fresh. At a hundred bucks per pair, one would expect one-touch audio control and a microphone to take calls on the move, but these earphones also include a low-battery light, which can come in clutch in cold weather that tends to kill electronics quickly. There's also a Leap Wireless for Women, which comes in smaller sizes for smaller ears. Six+ hours of playtime.



SkullCandy XTFREE bluetooth wireless earbuds

Skullcandy XTFREE – $99.99
Another pair of "sweat-proof" buds made of ergonomically shaped silicone for the best in-ear fit when drenched in sweat or snow, the XTFREE also features a rechargeable battery that takes juice from a micro-USB (think portable chargers and cigarette lighter adapters). They still allow ambient noise to pass through, which increases the chance you'll hear other riders in your blind spot, and Skullcandy added an odor-resistant ingredient to the silicone so those who normally stink up a storm need not worry about their pockets smelling like their socks after weeks of heavy abuse. Six hours of playtime.


iPhone 7 Snowboard Accessories

We’ve also complied a few accessories to consider when combining your new iPhone with your favorite pastime. It's not easy to keep up with ever-changing tech these days, but we're here to help. Once these iPhone 7 accessories are all available for purchase –hold your horses, the phone isn’t even out yet–they'll be some of your best bets.  

LifeProof – Waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof, the LifeProof case for iPhone 7 will come in a FRE version and a Nuud version. FRE cases hold an extra charge, and Nuud cases, which, as the name implies, "wear" less. They lack a screen protector and the extra bulk of 2x battery storage.

Crab Grab Phone Traction – Slap this traction pad on the back of your iPhone 7 so it doesn't slide off your dashboard on the way up the hill or out of your hand when taking calls on the lift.

Dakine Crossfire Glove – The Crossfire is treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish and made of nylon and polyester to prevent it from soaking through quickly. Lined with 150 grams of tricot, it's soft on the hand and warmer than many other liner gloves. Best of all, it's touch-screen compatible.

ICEdot Crash Sensor – Mount this small sensor to your helmet and forget about it. When it detects enough impact to signal possible injury, it sends an alert to your phone. Unless you turn it off, it will send alerts to phone numbers you've pre-selected until you turn it off.

Trace app – Is an app an accessory? Sort of. Either way, the Trace app is rad. It measures speed, vertical gain/loss, and all those other cool GPS stats so you can compete with friends to determine who takes the most laps and catches the most hang time.

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