We realize it can be tough to find the perfect helmet. On one end of the spectrum, there are those high-end lids that make you look like a space cadet, while on the other end, there are helmets that, although look stylish, don’t offer up a reputable level of protection. But no need to worry. In this collection, you’ll find a slew of brain buckets that combine style and performance, ensuring you stay safe while looking good on the hill.

Anon Invert

The Invert features a low-profile, cozy fit. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

It’s often been said that less is more. While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of its counterparts—no Boa fit system incorporated here—the Invert still possesses an ability to conform to any size dome and goggles thanks to its Auto-Adjust Fit System and easily removable earpads.

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Oakley MOD 3

The MOD 3 includes many of Oakley’s higher end features in a more affordable package. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Featuring Oakley’s innovative Modular Brim System, the MOD 3 comes out of the box with multiple brim options to dial in a proper fit regardless of what model, or even brand, of goggles you currently have. It’s an all-mountain suited helmet that’s literally packed to the brim with adjustability.

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Smith Code MIPS

There’s a lot of tech hidden beneath the Code’s skate-like exterior. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Marked by its Aerocore construction, which features the unique Koroyd honeycomb-like material, the Code is optimized for impact absorption while simultaneously increasingly airflow. Plus, with a Boa fit system and a magnetic Fidlock buckle, it’s a high-tech helmet wrapped up in a clean, low-key package.

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Sandbox Legend Apex

Skatepark aesthetics in a snow-ready package: the Sandbox Legend Apex. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

For those in search of a helmet that’s comparable to the one you wear at the skatepark all summer, there’s no better option than the Legend Apex from Sandbox. Almost identical to a classic skate helmet, but certified for snowboard use, this brain bucket was a favorite among our testers in terms of style and performance.

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Pro-Tec Full Cut

A Pro-Tec classic finally refined and certified for the mountain. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Surely we cannot be the only ones excited to finally see our favorite retro skate helmet certified for the hill. The Full Cut, with its throwback design, offers additional coverage and protection thanks to its '70s-inspired profile, and features mesh-lined ventilation holes to prevent any snow from sneaking in.

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