Powder Board Review – K2 Party Platter

PHOTOS: Nick Hamilton
LOCATION: Eagle Pass Heliskiing, Revelstoke, BC

K2 – Party Platter
Sizes: 143, 150

The Party Platter's deceptive shape is stuffed with the float and stability of a much larger board. At first we were prepared to write it off as a low-angle pow deck good for tight turns, trees, and slow speeds, but this board made a statement on bigger terrain. It was surprisingly steady at speed, held a solid edge, and even soaked up a bit of airtime. Built with K2's Volume Shift shaping process, the board has increased waist width, decreased length, more taper from tip to tail, a setback stance, elongated nose, and blunt tail. We found this chubbier outline to mash through soft snow and bumps like a monster truck with the agility of a sports car.


The pre-curved piece of carbon fiber between the feet powered up ollies and added some torsional stability. The thinned-out tip design, which is visible as the board goes from sidewall to cap construction along the edge, lightened this already small board's swing weight and pronounced the flex. For creative riders focused on fun over far-out and fast lines, consider a ride on the Party Platter.

MSRP: $549.95

For the second annual Powder Board Review we packed our bags and headed north of the border to British Columbia. Basing out of Eagle Pass Heli in Revelstoke provided an incredible opportunity to try each board in its element—untouched powder way out in the Monashee Mountains. Picking Eagle Pass was a no-brainer with its snowboard-specific guiding, dreamy terrain, and small group dynamic. It’s a premier choice for heli-assisted backcountry riding and arguably the best operation in the business for snowboarders. The diversity of terrain–spine lines, low-angle pow fields, trees, pillows, and more–proved the ideal venue to find standout powder boards.

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