Sizes: 148, 151, 154, 154W

For progressive jib and park riders, the Wallie has a loose flex and skateinspired turned-up WallieTips. These tips increase the base uplift on the widest points of the noise and tail. A Jib 3BT profile is stable on rails but encourages a loose, buttery ride, with a low uplift angle that begins under the bindings for less hang-ups. The Super Slick X base is made from high density extruded material produced by leading base-material supplier Isosport. This base offers performance for a low price and is easily repaired should a mishap occur

Mellow tip to tail camber with Bataleon’s JIB 3BT 
JIB 3BT with Sidekick: Bataleon's Jib 3BT features a wide center base area in the nose and tail for stability on rails.
Super Slick X Base: The Wallie features a high density extruded base produced by leading base-material supplier ISOSPORT. This base offers the best performance/price/maintenance balance for street, jib and park riding.

BIAX Fiberglass: Placed above and below the wood core offer an ideal flex/strength/weight ratio.
CoreCore Bamboo: The Wallie has Swiss wood core with two bamboo stringers running tip to tail for dynamic response.
Basalt Stringers: 4 Lightweight Basalt stringers are placed edge to edge below the binding inserts for increased control.
ICP Transparant Topsheet: Artwork by renowned photography duo Petrovsky and Ramone is digitally printed on the topsheet and finished with a glossy/matte overlay.

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