Bataleon Love Powder 2019

This. Is. it. That's how we felt when we strapped into Bateleon's aptly named women's specific powder board. We could gush about its clean, alluring graphics, but we all know love isn't just about looks. It's about what's inside, and that's where this deck really shines—in its construction. Crafted with Bataleon's proprietary Triple Base Technology, it boasts an ultra scoopy nose, setback stance and a hulled bottom base with a narrow center piece that protrudes for maximum uplift in the nose. During deep days at Baldface, where we enjoyed endless faceshots, we found the spoony nose lapped up everything in its path and plowed through pow with exceptional ease. The directional camber profile is tapered, so the tail is slightly narrower, allowing for turns to be whipped effortlessly. From the steepest lines, to the deepest pillows and narrow hallways, the Love Powder was a powder-pillaging machine. We simply couldn't get enough. It boasts a confidence-boosting profile of traditional camber, which made sending hits and stepping to large lines an easy choice. With a deck this dependable, it takes our obsession of riding soft snow to a whole new level. Swoon.

A powder-pillaging machine. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton


Sizes: 148, 153

Specs and Features:

  • Soft medium flex
  • Directional tapered shape
  • Pow 3BT + Sidekick
  • Mellow camber profile

A confidence-boosting profile of traditional camber made sending hits and stepping to large lines an easy choice. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

An ultra scoopy nose with a setback stance. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

A slightly narrower allows for turns to be whipped effortlessly. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

While it's hard to have a bad time riding powder, doing so on a board designed specifically for that purpose elevates the experience. Float is the ultimate goal of a powder board, which can be achieved through a variety of characteristics. Taper means the board's nose is wider than its tail, allowing the board to plane easier in deep snow. Setback inserts work in a similar way, creating more nose than the tail. Strategically designed rocker and camber profiles can enhance float by affecting the way the board reacts to powder. Additional surface area, especially in the nose, is an especially importance trait in a powder board and can be enhanced through additional length, width, or a blend of both. We found the ideal venue to assess these characteristics, by way of a place called Baldface Lodge. Nestled in the British Columbia backcountry, Baldface is accessible in the winter only by helicopter—or a combination of boat and snowcat when there are too many flakes falling to fly. It is a powder paradise unlike anywhere in the world. We showed up here to a fresh meter and a storm that piled up deeper and deeper. Reviewing powder boards: It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

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