Avalanche Snowboards Expands Board Offering Giving Riders Optimum Choice

Benicia, CA — Expanding the line to include a wider variety of lengths, widths and shapes, Avalanche snowboards 1996/97 snowboard collection will offer the perfect board for riders of every size and ability. Building on their hugely successful 1995/96 season, Avalanche will increase their line to offer a total of 18 board styles for the next season, up from six styles just two years ago.

“Experienced riders know that an Avalanche board will match their abilities, plus allow them to push their skills,” said Beverly Sanders, co-founder and vice president of marketing for Avalanche. “For 14 years our boards have been put to the test, come out on top and given snowboarders the best possible ride on the mountain.”

For next season, Avalanche will offer three style groups: Aerial, Patrol and Evac. Each board style is designed to enhance a riders particular snowboarding goal, be it park, freestyle or all mountain. ”With this line, Avalanche offers a board to meet every rider’s need,” adds Sanders.

The Aerial uses high-pressure polyurethane construction and will be offered in 125, 145 and 147 cm sizes. These boards have a long effective edge for high speed stability, reduced swing weight for optimum rotational moves, and excel in park and freestyle riding.

Aerial’s clean, white top sheet with subtle geometric graphics contrasts the bright ‘Fire-Truck Green’ base sheet featuring an illustration of a fire rescue unit and the company moniker. Suggested retail price are as follows: 125 cm will be $319, the 141 cm and 147 will be $389.

The Patrol is the next evolution from the 1995/96 success P-Series. Offered in 138, 143, 147 and 153 cm sizes, the Patrol’s unique wide shape offers a soft flex and quick nose rise to reduce chatter on hard snow. The board is manufactured with a Reaction Injection Molding core (floating wood in urethane) to achieve this effect.

Stark black and white top sheets form the graphic backdrop for cleanly defined patrol-car emblems. Suggested retail price for the Patrol is as follows: 13&m and 143 cm will be $419, 147 cm and 153 cm will be $429. (more)

The Evac is a directional sled that offers deep sidecuts, on a vertically laminated wood core. In sizes 156×28, 156×30, 166×29, and 166×31, the Evac maximizes foot-to-board width ratio and provides better leverage and control. There is no waste or excess in these boards. The vertical laminate construction creates a hard edge and sidewall for deep, controlled carves and speed checking. This is the optimum board for crossover and all mountain riders.

Evac graphics feature a subtle ‘evac’ helicopter against a bold red and white geometric base and top sheet. Suggested retail price for the 156 series will be $459 and the price for the 166 series will be $469.

Avalanche will continue with it’s highly successful dealer display and salesperson incentive programs to aid retailers in promoting and selling Avalanche merchandise. As well, all 1996/97 Avalanche boards will be covered by the company’s lifetime warrantee.

For more information, call Beverly Sanders at (707) 746-6982.