Check out Arbor riders Erik Leon, Justin Norman, and Emil Ulsletten, ripping The Holy Bowly and Superpark 20 on the Arbor Zygote Twin. This non-symmetrical twin-tip deck is inspired by the shaping, style, and heritage of early 1980’s skateboard design. Arbor’s 2016 model of the Zygote Twin has a graphic that is in collaboration with Craig Stecyk, an artist, writer, and photographer, from the early days of Dog Town. For the last twenty years, Arbor has called Venice home, and they are excited and proud to honor that heritage by collaborating with one of the most iconic artists in surf, skate, and snow culture.

“The true skater surveys all that is offered, takes all that is given, goes after the rest and leaves nothing to chance. In a society on hold, and a planet on self-destruct, the only safe recourse is an insane approach.” – C.R. Stecyk III

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