Functionally, the new Airwalk Quad step-in binding isn’t all that different from the product they showed dealers at the Salt Lake City on-snow demo in January. The new Quad, however, is a large jump forward in the all important look and feel department.

The old system had a release cable that made stepping out feel more like winding up a Speak-n-Spell than freeing your boot from a snowboard. Now the cable is gone and in it’s place are two levers. Squeeze them and the binding releases.

The new quad also lost it’s black plastic housings. Now, with all the metal parts plainly visible, the binding looks more secure and solid, and, well. . . much more like a binding than the old one did. Airwalk has remained close to their original goals: keeping the boot down on the deck, allowing for a normal walking feel, and the binding gets progressively tighter while one is riding.

Luckily, Airwalk has kept the production Quad boot pretty close to the last demo model. The Quad boot features forward lean adjustability and is the best step-in boot I’ve ridden.

So far none of the SOL staff has ridden the new binding, but we hope to in the near future. When we do, we’ll let you know all the details.