Airblaster / Jed Anderson giveaway

Backside 270 diaster to fakie. Damn. Photo: Andy Wright

Ok, folks, here’s your chance to win a brand spankin’ new outerwear setup from Airblaster. We’ve got the Jed pant and the Jed jacket with YOUR name written all over it. Just kidding, only Jed Anderson‘s name is written on it. But it could be yours for the low low price of…nothing! Just a little bit of your time…

Here’s what to do: Log in to Facebook so you can post in the comment field below. Since Jed is from Canada, we’re going to have you answer a few questions about his homeland of Alberta. First person to get all of the questions right, posted in the comment section, will win new outerwear.

—Sorry international friends, only Americans and Canadians need apply.

—Contest will go until someone gets all the questions right. Could be a day or a month.

—Winners will be selected by the TransWorld SNOWboarding Art Department. They are both proud Canadians.

Here’s what you can win: 

Jed Jacket in Camo, size medium.

Jed Pant in Black, size medium.

Switch backside 50-50. Photo: Andy Wright


Here are the questions:

1. Name two other professional snowboarders to come out of Alberta. Hint: one of them was the local ambassador for a recent TransWorld SNOWboarding feature trip to Banff.

2. A snowboard outerwear brand started up in 1979 and went on to gain international fame but never really caught on in the US. What is the name of this OG Calgary company?

3. Name the famous wrestling family that hails from Calgary

4. Name one of the two most influential skateparks that existed in Calgary between 2000-2006.

5. Name the rider and spot where Guy Motil shot TransWorld SNOWboarding’s first cover.