Airblaster Baker Lens

Airblaster introduces the Baker Lens

Snowboard goggles are made with Two lenses. There is a outer lens and a inner lens. These two lenses are glued together with a small strip of foam between them. In addition to the two lens design many goggles have a Chrome mirror coating on the outside and the Airblaster Airgoggle is no exception. As many people know this chrome mirror coating can be very sensitive to scratches. New for 2009/10 season Airblaster has designed a solution to this problem. The Baker Lens is the most bullet proof goggle lens design on the market.

The new design is simple. Airblaster has switched out the position of the clear lens. Normally the clear is on the inside but now on the new Baker Lens you will find the clear lens on the outside. This puts a clear non chrome lens in the place that gets the most abuse. Behind this lens is the tinted chrome mirror coated lens. With its position on the outside of the inside lens the chrome is now sealed inside the two lenses and can not be harmed.

The new Baker Lens is bullet proof (not an actual bullet, we use only to reference that they are very very very strong). It is a true 100+ days a season lens. You can not rube the chrome off this lens. The new design is now available as a replacement lens on the Airblaster online store and these replacement lenses fit all Airblaster goggles.