Above: Marko Grilc making his way through a slushy summer Rat Race course at Mt. Hood. | Photo: Darcy Bacha

It’s officially summertime, and snowboarding is in full swing. Music to our ears. Don’t let a shortage of summer gear hold you back from getting after it; we’ve got you covered with eight summer shred essentials.

Dragon MountaineerX Sunglasses

MSRP $220.00

Dragon is to sunglasses as Snickers is to candy bars. The best. The MountaineerX sunglasses accommodate the longest days on the mountain and the ever-changing weather conditions that come with them. With UV protection and leather sun shields, these are the ultimate summer shades. Shop here.

Airblaster Hot Bibs

MSRP $167.99

A day of summer snowboarding inevitably ends in soaking wet gear. Drenched mittens and boots may be unavoidable, but a wet butt is not. The 15K mm waterproofing saves your butt from getting wet every time you slam or taco and end up in the mashed potato snow. Airblaster has the Hot Bibs for the chicas, and the Stretch Krill Bibs for chicos. Bibs in the summer just make sense. Shop here.

Gnarly BozUber Hat

MSRP $13.00

As Wu-Tang Clan would say, protect ya neck. Some people don't immediately think sunburn when they think snowboarding, but it's all too real. To avoid a gnarly sunburn ruining an awaited trip, snag this Gnarly hat. It's lightweight so you won't be sweating more than you already were, and the long flap really does abide by RZA. It protects your neck. Shop here.

Dakine Vault 25L Backpack

MSRP $90.00

Layers are essential to summer snowboarding. Some days the clouds roll in and a long sleeve tee would feel just right, some days it's way too hot to be rocking the beanie you brought, and some days the sun is shining a little brighter, melting off the sunscreen you applied an hour ago. A proper backpack is a necessity to keep all your goods together, and Dakine does it right with this stylish 25-liter option that will function just as well off-hill. Shop here.

Rome Spring Trigger Mitt

MSRP $44.99

Can't decide between a glove and a mitten? Problem solved. Rome has delivered a model spring and summertime mitt to keep your hands cool, breezy, and trendsetting. The 3-finger mitt is warmer than a glove but more versatile than a mitten, making it easy to unzip your jacket, take your phone out of your pocket or change the song in your headphones between runs. Shop here.

686 Dazed Pullover Henley Long Sleeve

MSRP $28.80

Long sleeves save lives, and chicks don't dig farmers tans. A nice, aesthetically-pleasing long sleeve tee like this one will prevent your arms from a harsh snow rash and help you steer clear of tan lines. Shop here.

Salt & Stone Sunscreen

MSRP $17.99

Salt & Stone is not your average Walmart-brand sunscreen. It's all-natural and unrefined, using plant-based ingredients able to hang with a high-spirited lifestyle, like the fellow lovers of adventure and escape that represent the brand: Pat Moore, Jake Blauvelt, Blake Paul, Gigi Rüf, Jake Welch, and Austen Sweetin, among others. Salt & Stone will shield you from all the rays. Shop here.

Volcom Taylor Turtle Cloth

MSRP $20.00

It's a bird, it's a plane! No, it's just Volcom's Taylor Turtle Cloth! This commodity is whatever you want it to be. You never know if you'll be feeling a hood or a face mask during a day on-snow under the heat of the summer sun, but no matter what, you're going to want to be covered. Shop here.


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