686 Outerwear Preview: 07/08

Thursday night, November 2, 686 Enterprises held a fashion show at LAX in Hollywood. The show was a preview, a taste of the 2007/2008 686 line. It was like watching the future unfold before our very eyes. We arrived at the club during model warm ups, where they practice looking pretty/handsome. So they needed some time to get comfortable in snowboard gear, and we were getting in the way, so we went for a little cruise down the walk of stars. We ducked in and out of souvenir shops, checked out the ever-present lurkers, and we even saw a grown man urinate in the middle of the sidewalk, no more than a foot away from us. Joe may, or may not have gotten splashed on.

After approximately thirty minutes of hard lurking, we met up with Corey Koniniec of MDP fame back at the club, locked down a booth, ordered up a few drinks, and enjoyed the show. All plans to leave by eleven were thwarted by drink ticket wielding 686 employees, and other bar tabbing industry people. We made our initial exit around 12:30 a.m., and somehow convinced ourselves that we needed to return—we did not need to return. Back at the scene we attempted to re-live the magic that once was, but it wasn’t happening. Out again, and for real at 1:30 a.m.

Thanks to everyone at 686, especially Kristin and Will for having us up—the ‘fits looked great! Thanks to the girl who danced with me, thanks for the parking guy for letting us back in, and thanks to Joe for driving home.