Bib Round-up for the Deepest Powder Days

Words: Graham Mueller 

The classic powder day: slashes are double overhead, you're grinning so hard your face hurts, and you never want it to end. Then you take a classic double tomahawk that lifts your jacket over your head like a hockey goon and fills your pants with more white fluff than the Michelin Man. If you had the right gear, you'd be chill, but now you're just cold. Here are five bibs and one suit that will have your back in the best of times and the worst of times.


Dakine Prospect Bib ($450) – Dakine brought in Peter Line for design and Mt. Baker Ski Patrol for testing and out came this three-layer Gore-Tex bib job. The contoured, articulated fit moves as nicely as it looks. Peep the fold-out chest pocket that's big enough for a beacon or an iPad. Style and substance meet coverage and toughness.


Lib Tech Strait Science Bib ($390) – Lib Tech introduces the Strait Science bib featuring the Sympatex membrane with a mind-boggling 45k water resistance and 25k breathability rating. When it's snowing sideways and you're hiking straight up, you'll be glad to know the name. On top of that, it's 100% recyclable and biodegradable. With subtle stretch on an articulated fit, there isn't much this boss can't handle.


686 Authentic Hot Lap Insulated Bib ($250) – Have you ever noticed that the driest powder falls on the coldest days? 686 did. They packed these pow trousers with 40 grams of poly fluff inside to keep you toasty when the snowy fluff is flying outside. Couple that with the moisture management of their infiDry technical fabric and all you'll need is a scuba mask and an air tank where you're going.


Ride 3.5L Holman Bib ($350) – Ride's first drop on the bib game is solid. They bonded Aquapel DWR to a slim-fitting, 4-way stretching, 3.5-layer, 37.5 fabric. Too many numbers? Start with a next-level water repellent, add an ultra-breathable and mobile fabric and you get a finished product that covers every angle. The stretchy upper has pockets equally suitable for snow science or a sack lunch. From skin tracks to park laps, Ride did the math to keep you comfy.


iNi Cooperative Trooper Bib ($230) – When you think iNi, you think eco-friendly, but this crew isn't into burlap bags. The Trooper features more recycled material than "Weird Al" and still tips the scales at 20k/20k. Plus, check out the pockets. Highlights include an elastic glove stash at the thigh, an inner chest pocket perfect for apres beverages, a mini tool pocket at boot level, and 10 more cubbies for your consumables. Just don't forget where you put your keys.


Airblaster Beast Suit ($400) – The one-piece wonders at Airblaster are stepping their game up in both protection and fit with the Beast Suit. Proprietary Voretex fabric combined with Aquapel DWR protects you from both Mother Nature and Father Funk. And a 350-degree YKK Aquaguard zipper makes for easy trou droppage for both men and women. If you are ready for the commitment of a full-suit, the Beast is game. If not, Airblaster has a Beast bib for men and women, too.

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