Tested: R.E.D. Trace Helmet

R.E.D. Trace Helmet ($60)

Key feature: Snow/skate/bike crossover helmet.

Pros: Dave thought the Trace was great for snowboarding. He says, "I like the removable earflaps for changing conditions, and it works well with goggles." He added, "The lower profile feels and looks sleek, and it's not too bulky."

Cons: "The one downside is that it's a little big for skating and biking, but it does work." Dave adds, "While it's really lightweight for a snowboard helmet, it's heavier than typical specialized skate and bike helmets."

Verdict: Dave says, "The Trace is better than any other snowboard helmet I've tried, while the semi-low profile and removable earflaps make it work for skating and biking." The best part--it'll save you a bunch of cash.

Dave Reynolds