2008 Helmet Preview

Cool or un-cool aside, the fat remains that the simple act of wearing a helmet while snowboarding could save your life. And we do know for sure that head injurues are not cool. You know what they say, “live to fight another day”. So go ahead and browse through this surplus-esque grouping of some damn fine helmets linked in the gallery on the left hand side, then go out and try a bunch of ’em on and figure out which one best suits your melon. Then get out there and fight the good fight.

How To Buy A Helmet

To determine your helmet size you need to measure your head.
•A downloadable tape measure is available at boeriusa.com. Wrap it around your head above your eyebrows. The usual range is between 51--63 centimeters.

•Once you determine your size, you should try on a bunch of different models in the correct size.

•Find one that fits snug with the pads making contact all around your head--no side-to-side or front-to-back movement.

•Narrow it down based on which one you like enough to actually wear all the time.

•And finally try on your goggles with the helmet to make sure everything works together.