Words: John Poulin

MSRP: $500

Here's the perfect board for mini-shred, for trying every trick you can think of on a corrugated tube and getting that shot just right. The K2 Bottle Rocket is an easy-riding, forgiving park board that aids creativity. A user-friendly freestyle ripper that's at home anywhere on the mountain, its dynamic personality is perfect for everything from arcing turns to laybacks from wayback.

The board's foundation is a true twin outline and centered stance, but with an above average waist width (the 152 measures in at 259 millimeters). This is an element of K2's Volume Shift™ shaping, where they've shrunk the length of the board and increased the width, resulting in a floaty, surfy feel. The extra waist width improves carvability on groomers and gives it a ton of float riding powder. To take full advantage of all these elements combined, K2 recommends downsizing 3-5 centimeters from your standard board length. Then the Bottle Rocket becomes ultralight and maneuverable, super fun to whip around and get loose on.

The other focal point of how the Bottle Rocket rides is K2's Freestyle Baseline™ camber , which is flat between the feet with rocker blended lightly into the nose and tail. This middle-of-the-road profile gives stability when needed but the board can still ride nice and loose. Conversely, it offers a solid platform to press on but won't fly out from under you when really laying into one. It's got a nice, easy flex but also a ton of pop, thanks to full-length carbon stringers in the core.

If you like getting wiggly and your usual park lap begins by lacing a few Euro carves, you will definitely be hyped on this board.

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