We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to get out under the stars this summer, and have the most fun possible. These ten items will get you started in the right direction.

Big Agnes x Burton Blacktail 2 Tent

MSRP $269.95

A perfect home for you and your camping companion. Each of you will have your own door, and setting up this thing will hardly require you to lift a pinky—it's that easy. This tent covers three seasons and comes with all the comfortable amenities of a portable palace. Shop here.

Poler Slacker Double Hammock

MSRP $89.95

Poler reliably delivers the camping goods. With the slacker double hammock, you get the ultimate chill spot. You'll have room to hang with a buddy and gaze at the stars or just stretch out by yourself and read the latest issue of TWSNOW. Mucho relaxo. Shop here.

Gnarly Bench Pack

MSRP $50.00

Gnarly looks out for our best interests with this one: a backpack that doubles as a bench and triples as a table. Preparing for a camping trip will no longer require three trips to the car, your hands are free and your chair is packed without taking up any extra room in your backpack. Genius. Shop here.

Brixton x Coors Havana Trunks

When you're looking to get loose, the right pair of trunks is essential. Rock these bad boys and your coworkers will have you at the top of the invite list for every summer camping trip. Go support the kids down at the local shop, as the whole Brixton x Coors collab is exclusive to in-store purchases only. Everybody wins.

Mizu V8 Water Bottle

MSRP $35.95

Mizu makes a clean, swanky looking water bottle that keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. Not much provides a bigger relief than waking up to the blazing sun baking you in your tent and having some cold water to quench your thirst. Most bottles don't keep water cold all night and into the morning, but Mizu knows what the people need. Shop here.

The North Face Homestead Sleeping Bag

MSRP $119.00

This sleeping bag looks like the inside of a volcano. It'll keep you cozy and warm on camping trips and take up minimal space in the car. It's designed to match a twin-sized mattress. Or you can zip two together and have a cuddle buddy in a king size sleeping bag soiree! Shop here.

Dakine Party Bucket

MSRP $55.00

Partying all day and all night at the campsite? The party bucket is all you need. It's a cooler designed to fit inside a five-gallon bucket, surrounded by eight koozies AND a pocket for your wine bottle. Obviously Dakine didn't forget about the munchies; there's a waterproof pouch to hold snacks and pong balls. This party bucket holds a lot of beer and keeps it cold. Camping made easy, you'll be everybody's best friend. Shop here.

Smith Lifeguard Hat

MSRP $28.00

If you want to be a hardcore camper, you have to look like a hardcore camper. Not only is this hat going to have you exuding legitimacy, it has its benefits too. It covers plenty of surface area to protect your face from the blistering heat of the sun and shield those pesky bugs away from your face. Shop here.

O'Neill Traveler Windbreaker

MSRP $49.50

Even on the hottest of days, night time can roll around and surprise you with cool temperatures and wind. Be prepared with the Traveler Windbreaker from O'Neill. It comes in enough color ways to suit anyone's style and will have you feeling cozy under the moonlight. Shop here.

Arbor Wood Wrapped Flask

MSRP $36.00

Did you bring a flask? It’d a lot cooler if you did. Arbor’s wood-wrapped on-the-go booze vessel ensures your whiskey-consumption agenda is in your hands, or pocket, wherever you go. Shop here.


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