Winner Announced 2015 Your Turn Photo Contest “Jump” Theme

Early morning or late afternoon light can really help a photo stand out. Here it helps the lead the viewer to where the action is and takes them through the rest of the photo. What a leap of faith, Willy Carter sending it into Z Chute.PHOTO: Andrew Joseph
Contests are a good way to shoot lots of action and learn what works best. Unknown rider through the safety fence at Mammoth Mountain, California. PHOTO: Luke DeFeis
When the photographer doesn't see the take off, they have to be on it to not miss the action. Tommy nailed the timing of Stefan Echo on The Hospital Hip. PHOTO: Tommy DeLitto
It adds an extra element of interest when including foreground texture. Kjersti Buaas in King's Crown during qualifiers for the US Grand Prix slope style. PHOTO: Ben Van Avermaete
Great capture during a hectic jam format event. Definitely sets the scene. Max Lyons throwing down for the win at the Transworld transAM at Big Boulder park in Pennsylvania. PHOTO: Mike Budny
This is an example of trust between a rider with the photographer to get the shot. Dom Palarchio. Marquette, Michigan. PHOTO: Scott Smith
Mixing landscape, lighting, and good riding style make dynamic images. Red Gerard boosting off the hip on Mt. Hood this summer at the HCSC Photo Workshop. PHOTO: Nicholas Proscia
It's nice to pull back once in awhile and show more. Back 180. PHOTO: Christopher Martin
The use of strobe with action can often add some extra dramatics to the scene. Scotty Vine with a giant FS 540 method on Bear Mountain's sunny side QP. PHOTO: Jerad Meyer
Sometimes the viewer never really knows the size of the jump unless the photographer selects an angle like this one. Quinton Jones tweaked and upside down in Freeway. PHOTO: Chris Waker

We extended the deadline on the submissions for the Your Turn Photo Contest's theme "Jump" and just finished sifted through all of them to come up with the top ten. There were a lot of great images. Nice effort to all the photographers who submitted. Capturing a compelling jump photo requires proper timing, thoughtful composition, most often a fast shutter speed, setting up in the right angle to tell the full story, and for sure working with riders that have good style. The gallery here represents the best of the submissions that included many of those photographic elements. Of those ten, the one that gain the most attention of the judges was Tommy DeLitto’s photo on the Hospital Hip.

When the photographer doesn’t see the take off, they have to be on it to not miss the action. Tommy nailed the timing of Stefan Echo on The Hospital Hip. PHOTO: Tommy DeLitto


Tommy wins a Kenti photo pack from F-Stop, gloves from Celtek, and a set of radio slaves from Pocket Wizard. In addition, he will also be entered into the Portfolio Battle for a chance to win the grand prize, a spot a High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s Photo Workshop.

Want a chance to show your best snowboard photos, win prizes, and a chance to be at the HCSC Photo Workshop? No worries, there are two more themed contests to enter. The next theme is “Night.” If you’ve shot snowboarding under the lights of a resort or you been getting after in it with your flashes, let’s see your best photos shot at night.

Want to submit a photo? Enter Here by Clicking 

The deadline for “Night” submissions is April 17th and the winner will be announced on April 21st, when submissions for the last category “Park” will begin. Prizes include gear from F-StopCeltek, and Pocket Wizard.

Each theme’s winner will go to the YTPC Portfolio Battle, where they will submit a collection of images. These collections will be judged for best overall presentation by TransWorld SNOWboarding's Photo Director Chris Wellhausen and the instructors of the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Photo Workshop. The winner of the Portfolio Battle will be awarded the grand prize of a spot at the HCSC Photo Workshop, headed by TransWorld senior photographer Andy Wright. This is your chance to learn from the pros.

About the HCSC Photo Workshop:

Held at Mt. Hood from July 26 to August 2, the HSCS Photo Workshop gives you an opportunity get both classroom and on-hill experience working with some of the best snowboard photographers in the biz including Andy Wright, Tim Zimmerman, Aaron Blatt, and Chris Wellhausen. It's a great way to accelerate your learning process, make valuable connections, and get feedback to help you up your photo game.