SIA Tradeshow 2016 Product Round Up Day 1

Venture Snowboards Zelix, Storm and Odin boards.
Venture Snowboards surfy Smith collabo.
Nike Sage Kotsenburg signature Fade goggles.
The YES Standard, Optimistic, Tadashi Fuse and Hel Yes.
The YES Clark, a cut-your-own shape blank.
Volcom Bryan Iguchi signature après boot with taped seams and signature Guch art on the inside.
Romain De Marchi and the 20/20 playful pow deck with some pretty cool convex tip shape tech.
A closer look at the black on black print.
A Volcom women's setup.
A few ladies’ looks from Volcom, including Elena Hight’s B4BC jacket.
So stoned.
A closer look at Pat's Volcom flannel layer.
The Volcom Pat Moore collection.
A closer look. Like legit Carhart overalls but built for the rigors of boardin'.
A pretty proper and burly Volcom Gore-Tex bib.
A few of Volcom’s premium jackets, the TD2, Baldface Guide and Mark Landvik signature TDS.
The Vans street series will keep you in style and comfy in the wintery travel.
Vans ladies boots, L-R, Aura Boa collar with artist Eley Kishimoto, the Aura Boa, and Hi Standard that Hana Beaman rides.
Vans men's boots are keeping it real; L-R top to bottom are the Infuse, Sequal, V 66, and the Hi Standard.
Union's Force binding collection.
Union's Contact Pro binding collection.
Union's Travis Rice and Ultra bindings.
Union's all-terrain binding, the Atlas.
The North Face's Brigandine jacket will keep you dry and protected from the elements of the your deepest adventures.
Spark R&D's new Arc split board binding.
Spark R&D’s new puck mounting system makes mounting simpler and also stiffens up the ride.
Spark R&D’s Tesla Arc binding continues to evolve with new highback and climbing bar adjustment.
Salomon’s new Trigger bindings.
Josh Dirksen’s Salomon Super8 board.
A line up of Salomon team setups: Bode Merrill’s Man’s Board and Quantum bindings, Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai’s Assassin board and Defender bindings, Hans Mindich and Jamie Nicholls’ Sabotage board and Hologram bindings, Louif Paradis’ Villain board and District bindings, Jed Anderson and Chris Grenier’s Salomonder board and Trigger bindings.
The Salomon women’s Kiana boot.
The Salomon women’s Ivy boot fresh from the jungle.
Salomon’s Dialogue and Launch boot.
Salomon’s Alibi bindings.
Roxy's Torah Bright signature outerwear.
A couple of Rome’s big dog boards, the Whiteroom split, Double Agent split and Mountain Division.
Stale Sandbech’s signature Rome setup.
Rome gloves.
Rome’s Katana binding.
Breaking down the basics on Rome’s boots.
Rome’s Degenerati Artifact board and binding setup.
A look at the Michelin tread pattern inspired by bike tires.
Ride and Michelin have teamed up to create better soles in the Trident, Insano and Cadence boots.
Flower power on Ride’s women’s Sage boot.
The Ride Rodeo binding shaved off some weight and added a urethane highback.
The Ride mystery board, Machete GT, Burnout and Alter Ego.
A little bling on Ride’s women’s Cadence boot.
The re-designed Ride Berzerker Jake Blauvelt pro model, Kink, Buck Wild, Helix.
Quiksilver’s Premium Gore-Tex outerwear and Travis Rice signature models.
Quiksilver puffy stuff.
Nitro’s artwork on the highbacks.
Nitro’s updated Bryan Fox and Austin Smith Quiver board line. Check out that big dog 183.
Corey Smith shows us his Spring Break boards that he designed with Capita; L-R Slush Slasher, Powder Pill, Tree Hunter, and the Sick Sixty Six.
The Slash ATV and Manuel Diaz pro model.
Gigi Ruf shows us the Slash Spectrum and also feature on the walls of Slash are their Happy Place, Brainstorm, and ATV.
Gnu Klassy Kaitlyn Farrington and Jamie Anderson boards.
Some of the Lib Tech and Gnu line up for 2015/16: Lib Tech DIY board, Lib Tech T.Rice HP, Gnu Zoid and Gnu Space Case.
Lib Tech’s Scott E Wittlake Greenest Board Ever Made. So green.
Lib Tech Matt Cummins MC Pro Kink.
Lib Tech x …Lost Surfboards inspired Mayhem boards.
A closer look at Lib’s dual base DUH board. Mervin Wizardry!
Lib Tech’s new dual-base board called the DUH and Matt Cummins’ 25 year Nootka board.
JF Pelchat, legendary Whistler Wildcat and founder of NOW bindings. Thumbs Up!
Get your surfy surf on with Jones' Storm Chaser and Mountain Surfer.
Jeremy Jones showcasing the Flagship, on left, and the Jones Solution splitboard, on right. Epic!
The Electric Pioneer pack was designed with the guide crew at Baldface Lodge.
Electric's Pioneer Pack.
Electric's Mashman Shield helmet was getting all kinds of attention.
A closer look at the Electric G.I. Joe goggles.
"Knowing is half the battle." -G.I. Joe. Electric teamed up with the G.I. Joe comic to make these goggles.
A closer look at their EG3 Press Seal model and features.
Other Electric goggle options and color ways.
Electric's hot topic collection, their Press Seal goggles.
A look at the adjustable Boa setup on K2's boot. Changing the notch changes how and where the Boa tightens,
K2’s Lien binding.
K2’s Hurrithane binding.
Cool beans, man.
The Carveair, a board Tim Eddy worked closely with.
Creative new shapes from K2.
A closer look at Danny's drawings.
Lucas Debari’s K2 Joydriver board with graphics by Danny Larsen and the Cool Bean swallowtail.
Gnarly lids.
Dragon’s Mountaineer X sunglasses can swap from alpine glacier nerd to regular guy style.
Dragon X2 Gigi Ruf pro model and DX2 goggles.
Dragon X1 and X1s Gigi Ruf pro model goggles.
Dragon Chris Benchetler and Forest Bailey pro model NFXs goggles.
DC Travis Rice après boot.
DC’s Judge boot.
DC x SPT collab après boot.
Torstein Horgmo’s signature DC jacket.
The comic storyline on DC’s Tone board series.
DC Ply series with graphics from Sean Cliver.
Torstein Horgmo’s signature DC Media Blitz board line.
Devun Walsh’s DC Supernatant.
DaKine Jason Robinson signature pack and glove. Yeah JRob!
DaKine is celebrating 20 years of designing their Heli packs. Each of these models will accommodate every riding scenario; hell, snowmobile, touring, and resort.
DaKine Annie Boulanger signature mitt.
DaKine men's gloves.
A little overview of some the awesomeness that Coal headwear is featuring this year.
Bjorn Leines' rocks his signature Celtek glove.
Capita's Charlie Slasher, Defenders of Awesome, and the NAS.
Capita's The Outsiders, Volcom Stone, and the Charlie Slasher.
Capita's Supermacho and Scott Stevens pro model.
Capita's Jess Kimura pro model board and the popular Birds of a Feather collection. Cats with lasers!
Anon women's WM1 goggle.
Anon women's Deringer goggle.
Anon women's goggles looking so good.
Anon men's M3.
Anon's Bode Merrill signature M3 goggle.
Adidas' Superstar and Jake Blauvelt boots.
Anyone home?
Burton armour collar with G Form protecting from unneeded bruising.
Danny Davis board graphic shirt with some misty concert promoters throwback.
A look at a few underlayers goods from Burton.
Burton debuting their line of Durable Goods with a quiver of new packs.
Don’t fear TSA, Burton’s new bags have a lifetime warranty.
Crossover street shred wear from Burton’s Durable Goods line.
A look at a few underlayers goods from Burton.
Burton ladies collab with Gwynn Stefani's brand Lamb.
Burton's running the game with collabs this year. Here are a couple featuring Filson and another combining Alpha and Undefeated.
Burton kids collection, L-R, collar with Disney's Frozen featuring a one piece with "Olav," lots of boot/binding options, and another collab for the fans of Marvel comics.
Burton Sustainability Dept, L-R, Meghan Burns and Ali Kenney.
Analog gloves.
Burton's Dune Denim Wash complete with Gore-Tex.
Burton Process collection's Satellite. You'll see Mark McMorris rocking this jacket. The pattern on the jacket is a NASA photo and inside the jacket gives you more info on location and environment.
Analog collection.
Burton Process collection.
Burton's Mountain collection featuring Danny Davis' kit; the Folsom jacket in orange and his Buckshot pant complete with a sandwich bag in his bibs.
Burton Lexa women's binding.
Burton continues the Frye boot collaboration for 15/16 with a lighter shade of leather.
Kimmy Fasani showing us the women's Burton Felix Boa boot.
Burton Ion x Red Wing boot.
Burton Fiend boot collar with UNDFTD.
The Burton X Base EST binding. The lightest binding you'll ever ride. Carbon fiber high back and a featherweight build.
Wise words on Burton’s Throwback board.
Burton men's Bindings.
The Burton Throwback board and Fish showing some side by side evolution.
Danny Davis' Easy Livin and the Trick Pony.
A quiver of Customs: the 20th Anniversary Custom, Custom Twin and Custom Mystery.
The Burton Skipjack, an evolution of the Pile Driver, on that new SkiDoo XP 163.
The Burton women’s Anti-Social Splitboard and Day Trader, and men’s Mod Fish and Tough Cat along with a selection of women’s AK outerwear.
Team Rider Kimmy Fasani with the completely redesigned Feather and High Spirits board.
A closer look at Pat's Volcom jacket.
The North Face's Modulator ABS packs.
The Ride Hellcat, OMG, Barretta, Compact and Rapture.
Nitro’s Eero Ettala pro model boots.
Gnu throwback swallowtail, Lib Tech Scott E Wittlake Greenest Board Ever Made and Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Rat Tail.
A look at the Jones board line up.
Electric has a sweet line of helmets, too.
Some new proprietary tech on K2’s new boot, three Boa adjustment zones with two dials.
Gnarly and adidas collab shoe and tee.
Louif Paradis' DaKine outerwear kit which he sat closely with designer and snowboard legend Peter Line to premiere for this year's Dakine outerwear line up.
A quiver of DaKine bags to choose from.
Elias also has an awesome signature pack and glove with DaKine.
DaKine men's Work mitt, the Fillmore mitt, and their Trigger mitt.
Burton x Big Agnes tent and Dirtbag sleeping bag collab.
Burton has quality tents with Big Agnes, too. #Vibecampers
Burton gloves.
The Burton Landlord Splitboard and Fish Splitboard along with a sample of AK outerwear.

SIA Tradeshow 2015-2016 Snowboarding Product Round Up Day 1

The annual Snowsports Industries of America (SIA) tradeshow kicked off in Denver with a boatload of snowboard gear from the future. Forecasting the future is no easy task, nor is building product for the unknown journey. Light, strong, creative, comfy, universal, dry, warm and environmentally sound are the themes from board building to outerwear and everything in between. Soulful and surfy board shapes and heritage design are the dominating aesthetic, but really there's a mix of it all if you look around. Look for yourselves in this massive photo gallery of goods. Feast.

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