Women's Video Part of the Year

While contests are a good medium to get your name known, a solid video part can propel a rider to renowned ranks within their peer group, and that's exactly what Hana Beaman, Madison Blackley, Kennedi Deck, Jill Perkins, and Maria Thomsen have been doing for years now. All five of these ladies are capable of winning Women's Video Part of the Year but only one can. However, this isn't the last time you will likely see their names on this roster, as they are five of the world's best in front of the lens and last winter, they logged enough clips to put them at the top of their respective trade.

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Hana Beaman

Hana Beaman has been in the game longer than any nominee on this list. This past season her veteran expertise helped guide backcountry newcomer Mary Rand through the frustrating and tedious process that is filming in powder. All the while, she put together a standout pow part compiled during the filming of Vans' Listen to the Eyes. Hana has demonstrated what experience produces in the backcountry.

Madison Blackley

Madison Blackley has been quietly killing it for years. If you're unaware of the level that this Salt Lake City resident is riding at, get familiar. Blackley is stepping to sizeable street spots and putting down proper tricks with power. This part is proof of what she's capable of and a reminder to keep an eye on Madison. On top of her talent on a snowboard, the girl keeps it real, and you can bet that both will continue.

Kennedi Deck

Having established herself with Canada's SRD crew, delivering impressive footage in the film Twist, Kennedi's part in The Uninvited is what those paying close attention have been waiting for. A two-song opener—worthy of its length—with impressively proper tricks and original spots has nominated Kennedi for both Women's Rookie of the Year and Women's Video Part of the Year this season.

Jill Perkins

Riders' Poll 19 Rookie of the Year, Jill Perkins, followed up last season's part with another solid showing. Despite battling injury this past winter, Perkins' performance makes her a strong contender on this list, with unique spot selection and proper tricks. Perkins' influences have combined to create a rider whose footage is anticipated for its creativity, and this part showcases that.

Maria Thomsen

Maria Thomsen has been producing noteworthy video parts for the past couple seasons, and her ender in The Uninvited is the best yet. Putting the cap on a video full of progressive snowboarding, Thomsen's part is exactly what an ender should be: packed full of well-executed tricks on consequential spots.

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