Women's Rookie of the Year

In 2018, the women's rookie field is stronger than ever, signaling a new generation of girls who are set to take over in both the competitive and video part realms. The below five ladies have been pushing the boundaries of what's possible and what's to come in the next few years and for that, we've rewarded them by recognizing Kennedi Deck, Maddie Mastro, Kokomo Murase, Miyon Yamaguchi, and Taylor Elliot, as our official Women's Rookie of the Year nominees for 2018. Congratulations, ladies.

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Kennedi Deck

Canada's own, Kennedi Deck, first turned heads in 2017 with a standout performance in the Calgary-based crew, SRD's, full-length film, Twist. The then-unknown urban rail rider, soon became the talk of the streets with her laundry list of technical tricks and impressive spot selections. Kennedi rides hard and exudes an uncommon dedication, both of which are traits that most recently helped land her a spot in Jess Kimura's The Uninvited. With a silent but deadly demeanor that has already begun to cause a stir, we are sure that Kennedi's future is only on the rise.

Maddie Mastro

Maddie Mastro graduated to the professional circuit in 2016, where she quickly made a name for herself with regular appearances in event finals. Her swift progression has since been solidified by a third-place finish in halfpipe at the 2018 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, and a spot on the 2018 US Olympic Team at only 17 years old. Maddie has only just begun to make her mark on professional snowboarding, and with a lengthy trick list, proven style, and the first female double crippler all in her back pocket, we can be sure we'll see much more from her in the near future.

Kokomo Murase

Thirteen-year-old Kokomo Murase stormed into the spotlight earlier this spring when she made history in the big air event at the 2018 Winter X Games Norway. Not only did Kokomo become the first female to land a double cork 1260 in competition, but she also became the youngest athlete ever to win Winter X Games Gold. It's safe to say that given her dedication to freestyle progression at such a young age, we will be seeing much more from Kokomo in years to come.

Miyon Yamaguchi

Miyon Yamaguchi, or 34 as the internet has come to know her, has promptly established herself in the urban sphere for her impressive spot selection and ultra-relaxed style. She first appeared on our radar in 2013 riding with the Japanese, Dirty Pimp crew, and has since substantiated her riding with a constant feed of edits and a standout part in The Uninvited. Her casual confidence on intimidating features, paired with her technical prowess and noteworthy style, secure her as a name we will know for years to come.

Taylor Elliott

Taylor Elliott has been making a name for herself for years, all while substantiating the Midwest's legacy of producing tenacious riders that are as tough as tough gets. She has had numerous video appearances with Too Hard and Powanoia, landed herself a spot at Ms. Superpark, and now most recently secured a deserving spot amongst the revered cast of The Uninvited. Taylor approaches her riding with a raw fearlessness that is backed up by an extensive bag of tricks and her unwavering dedication to get the job done. She won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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