There is no better place to go than Instagram when it comes to getting your everyday snowboard media fix. A quick press of a button followed by a brief scroll of the fingers, and you can instantly find yourself inundated with an overwhelming library of content. So much content in fact, that we are willing to bet you have all but forgotten about some of the best Instagrams to hit the feed in 2018. That’s why, in honor of celebrating the new year and everything that occurred in 2018, we have dug into the archives to bring you the best of the best from the last calendar year. With everything from Arthur Longo’s jaw-dropping side hits to Shaun White’s clinching of Olympic Gold, the below list showcases our top ten Instagram posts with the highest engagement from you, our readers. We hope you enjoy a brief trip down memory lane before joining us to make 2019 even better.

#1 – Shaun White Wins Olympic Halfpipe

#2 – Eric Jackson’s Crazy POV Line

#3 – Stale Sandbech’s Insane 360 to Wheelie

#4 – Ulrik Badertscher’s Halfpipe Wheelie

#5 – Arthurt Longo’s Side Hits Euphoria 2

#6 – Markus Kleveland’s Clip from Dombås, Norway

#7 – Ethan Morgan’s Powder Run in Cervinia, Italy

#8 – Max Lyon’s Lowest Limbo

#9 – Kevin Backstrom’s High-Speed Knuckle Butter

#10 – Markus Klevelands’s Mogul Flips in Laaz, Switzerland

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