Standout Performance of the Year

Monumental achievements occur every season and don’t always fit into a traditional awards category. Last year, Nils Midnich was acknowledged for his performance at the Legendary Banked Slalom. This season sees another eclectic nominee list that includes DIY efforts, X Games Real Snow winners, video productions, and Olympic achievments.

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Ted Borland — Making the Bone Zone happen

Preseason can be a harsh time. Before many riders even have the opportunity stand in a massive lift line to ride a single icy run, dedicated snowboarders in Salt Lake City are hiking at an autumn utopia just up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Once a renegade park on Guardsman Pass, the Bone Zone has found a legitimate home at Brighton Resort, and those who enjoy it have a certain person in particular to thank. His name is Ted Borland, and the immense amount of labor he puts into this place alongside a dedicated crew deserves acknowledgement.

Frank Bourgeois — Winning X Games Real Snow and Fan Favorite

Frank Bourgeois is one hard workin' son of a gun. After two X Games acknowledgements for his most recent Real Snow part it sounds odd to say he doesn't get enough credit for his labor and talent, but we'll say it. Frank B. is one of the most talented street riders in the world, and he's still working a construction job to subsidize his snowboard endeavors. Bourgeois' modesty is matched only by his tenacity and talent. As always, this part was mental.

Jess Kimura — Producing and directing The Uninvited

A veteran in the game at this point, Jess Kimura has years of experience as a woman in an industry dominated by dudes. Recognizing the disparity in opportunity for males and females in snowboarding, Kimura created a solution for a crew of riders who otherwise may have found themselves lacking an outlet to showcase their talent, hence the film's name. If the magnitude of this doesn't set in while watching the movie, the sheer amount of Riders' Poll nominees that came out of The Uninvited should demonstrate how impressive this project is and how much credit Kimura deserves.

Arthur Longo and Olivier Gittler — Side Hits Euphoria 2

Arthur Longo and Olivier Gittler go way back, and the two have become a dynamic duo of sorts when it comes to capturing the type of snowboarding that gets any rider with a pulse juiced to ride. Relatability is the name of the Side Hits Euphoria game, but Longo's ability to boost and find small pockets of transition is unparalleled. The second iteration in this series shows Longo in his natural habitat, absolutely ripping.

McMorris soaks it all in. Photo: Mark Clavin

Mark McMorris — Coming back from injury to win an Olympic Medal

The injuries Mark McMorris sustained in March of 2017 would be enough to make make many hang up their boots—broken jaw and arm, ruptured spleen, fractured pelvis and ribs and a collapsed lung. The idea of coming back from a crash like this to be competitive at snowboarding's highest level less than a year later is unfathomable. The bronze medal McMorris won in PyeongChang is the tangible proof of one of this sport's biggest comeback stories.

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