Short Film of the Year

The Short Film of the Year award is new for 2018 and addresses the demand to celebrate video accomplishments of all length. With an ever-increasing number of signature projects and shorts being released, here at TransWorld SNOWboarding we felt it was due time to award shorts the same prestigous honor that Video of the Year has received for years. Each of the five below are incredible projects in their own right, yet only one will take home the grand prize of Short Film of the Year. Dive in below to watch each and make a decision of your own before the official results drop in two weeks time.

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The creative combination of Tommy Gesme's riding and Colton Feldman's cinematography and editing has been a recognizable force in snowboarding since the Keep the Change days. blender is the latest iteration of from the duo, displaying Gesme's distinct style alongside Louif Paradis, Ben Bilodeau, and more. If you're curious as to the direction modern street riding is headed, this is it.


EP is a first. Documenting riding captured over the course of about two weeks in Tahoe, the short film is based around a series of seven songs written, performed, and recorded by Mike Ravelson, Brandon Cocard and friends during that same period. While snowboarders have ridden to their own music before, this is an original concept and an exceptionally refreshing take on a snowboard film.

Fait Accompli

The debate as to whether snowboarding is more "sport" or "art" is a classic topic of board-based discussion. If these descriptors sit on two ends of a spectrum, Desiree Melancon has always sat more on one end, and Fait Accompli is a tangible example of snowboarding's creative side. From the spot selection and tricks, to the graphics created by its star, herself, this film is a product of Melancon and Marc O'Malley's genius.

High Octane

If you told a young Austen Sweetin that Travis Rice would one day play a supporting role in a film he starred in and directed, well, he probably would've been pretty hyped. But Sweetin's seemingly always hyped, and his energy combined with Rice's is an electric combination. Filmed and edited by Sean Lucey, the riding in High Octane is the epitome of good timin' pow boardin'.

Selective Memory

When watching the Manboys from a computer, it's easy to forget the magnitude of tricks and zones on-screen. The fun-first approach this crew has always taken to the backcountry in their Whistler backyard combines with massive airtime that cements the 'Boys as some of the best riders in the world when it comes to stomping pow landings. Selective Memory is a solid reminder.

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