Sometimes opportunity falls into our laps without us even noticing. Such is the case for Seamus Foster, a Pennsylvania native who ventured west on the age-old quest to pursue a love for snowboarding and documenting the resulting adventure. His filming and editing style developed naturally, and as such maintains an aesthetic entirely of its own. This has allowed Seamus to become a standout within the snowboard-filming brigade. He colors outside the lines and brings something to our community that has a new taste—one that is raw, authentic, and creative. Everything he puts out seems natural because it is; he just likes to snowboard and film his friends. And by happenstance, he's now getting paid for it. That's the nature of success derived from genuine passion; it develops quickly and without flare. Seamus' style speaks for itself. — Julia Spadaro

Birthdate: September 9th, 1992

Current title: Video Person

The look on his face says it all, Seamus loves what he does. PHOTO: Sebi Madlener

What does your current position in the snowboarding industry entail? Describe a typical day on the job.

Wake up, pretend I know what I'm doing, go to sleep.

Where are you from and where do you currently call home?

I'm from New Hope, Pennsylvania and I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How did you start snowboarding?

A causual creator, documenting his surroundings comes naturally to Seamus. PHOTO: Sebi Madlener

I started skating when I was 7 and it snowed a lot in Pennsylvania back then, so my older brother started snowboarding in the winter. I wanted to be like him so I started snowboarding, too.

At what point did you realize that you wanted to work in the snowboard industry?

I guess when I started getting paid to make snowboard videos, I figured I should try and keep it going.

And how did you make that happen?

Moved to Salt Lake and met awesome, lifelong friends who happened to be really great snowboarders that I filmed a lot.

Seamus’ style is entirely his own, both behind the camera and in front. PHOTO: Forest Bailey

Who did you look up to in the industry for inspiration?

Dave Marx, Tommy J, Riley Goodwin, Jamie Lynn, Mike Ravelson, Forest Bailey, Sam Taxwood, Jake Price, Jon Stark, Ben Strause, Christian Buliung, Brock Nielsen, Tanner Pendleton, Harry Hagan, too many to list.

What do you feel has been your biggest impact in your line of work?

I guess the FSBS series with Forest. It's been quite a ride.

What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

Film out of a helicopter.

Seamus’ camera is trained on the future, and his sights are set on the next great project. PHOTO: Sebi Madlener

Anyone you’d like to thank?

I owe a lot to my dad, my mom, my brother, my incredible group of friends in Salt Lake City, Forest Bailey, Mike Rav, Colton Morgan, Jon Stark, Tanner Pendleton, Harry Hagan, Caleb Flowers, Brighton Resort, Sebi Madlener, Niels Schack, Sk8Daddy… I'm leaving out so many people but I could sit here forever and thank people because so many people have helped me out over the years and I am endlessly thankful.

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